How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I challenge you! I MEAN YOU!

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Can you guess whom I bumped into on my last holiday trip on Cameron Highlands?
Here's the picture...
  1. Malaysian.
  2. Female.
  3. TV personality.
  4. TV host of a few local TV programmes.
  5. Currently acting on two local English drama.
I think I give enough!
So, I challenge you to guess. Price? Let me see...
I tell you later! :P

I'm not dare to get an autograph because I respect her privacy. I think she was having vacation with her family...
Everyone (for those who know her) was eyeing on her and whispering.
Lucky me, she sat next to my table but there's a glass and log seperate us!
F**k! If not, I'm gonna chit chat with her. Just got a quick shot of her...
Hopefully, I was permissioned to do so and I'm not a paparazzi.

*Dang! I love her Blackberry! Hear my story on Cameron Highlands on coming posts. Have lots of things to post before this*

This challenge is open for everyone. For those who know the answer before I post this challenge will not be considerate as guesser. PLEASE BE FRANK & HONEST. Price will be confirmed as the winner is announced!

Nirvana Memorial Park

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On my first week on semester break, I went to Nirvana Memorial Park to pay a visit to my grandfather's grave at Kajang...
For a long time I've been there since last October.
Actually, this memorial park is not just graveyards but an attraction to tourists too...
At here the scenery is fantastic and nature here is truly breath-taking!
Here's my shots...
The morning invited my shots with nice blue sky...
I like such view...
The memorial park is quite deserted... It's 8.00 am okey?
Before I go to my grandfather's grave, it's a must to pray here.
We call this place as "Tai Pak Kung"...
Consider it's the temple for God of Sky if not mistaken.
Side view of the temple.
I shot a picture which is the best ever I've taken...
This place is exactly positioned facing to the sunrise direction.
It's the place we (Buddist) to pray The God Of Sky.
I don't read Mandarin but I find them nicely deco with plants... :P
You will find something astonishing beside this temple...
A giant-sized dragon!
The length? Estimated 7 basketball court on a row!
Inside the dragon is the place where corpses are burned...
Some of Buddist preferred to be burned rather than buried.
My choice? I preferred buried. Dislike fire~
Actually the mouth of the dragon shoots a stream of water...
Today, the dragon is ran out of water :D
Map of the memorial park.
Believe me, there's a memorial place for your pets!
Any type of pets as long as you can afford to fork RM XXXX (at least!) for your lovely, beloved pets.
So, do you plan to do it?
Neh, I won't because I'm moneyless!
Another stone...
Nice to see but can't read it!
Here's a snapshot around my grandfather's grave...
I was adviced not to take photos on graveyards because it's kinda bad.
Plus, I don't want to shot 'something' creep walking floating around the park...
My next trip coming to here is on October. Usually, I come here at least twice a year...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How's My Day In UTAR Kampar? 1st Birthday!

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Finally, this blog has been a year running since I was enrolled to UTAR Kampar to start my university journey. Can't believe that I've been a year in UTAR and not forgetting my personal blog birthday!
As I've promised to myself and my avid blog readers, I've made a one-day renovation from this ...


I hope you guys like the facebook-themed and brighter environment . I've been using black edition last year and I decided to change it into something cool and soft view!
Believe of not, actually, this blog template contains at least 9 column for header, sidebars and footers! Just I remove them and may add them back in case I need them.

Plus, this one-year-old blog has a brother, How's My Taste which my food blog! So, have a look on that site too but it will be tempting...

So, nothing change in my updates but with a new look and a food blog of mine!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

I make a Youtube!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flog & Blog

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He he he!
Just making a simple post announcing that I'm in KL...
By the way, I want to introduce my new blog which is my FLOG, How's My Taste?.
Practically, I heard flog quite a while but I decided to make one since I love to eat and cook!

What is FLOG?
Get to know it here!

Wait for my next blog and flog post tonight (I prefer to said it midnight because I can only touch my notebook on midnight today)

Can't really post things in cybercafes of KL... Damn noisy~


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adios Year 1! (Part 2)

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Let's continue my part 2...
After my Pengajian Malaysia test, I headed to my revision on Properties Of Matter (POM)... But due to my over-happiness, I drag my time until the last two days to revise it...

I facebook, blogging, reading people's blog and of course my new toy, Twitter. At the eleventh hour, I rushed to practice my calculation, remembers my formulae and try to do some off the past year questions...

There's one thing I hate during exams:- Memorize things and forget them after the test... I found out that method is a bad solution for me because I might use them (formulae) in my future courses such as coming Thermodynamic course in my Year 2 Semester 1. Plus, in this subject (POM), there's one thing I hate to memorize, the reaction scheme for organic chemistry such as alkanes, alkenes and other hydrocarbon craps!

Then, after the result of half revision, I become this!

There's two more days after the POM test, my GENERAL PHYSICS test~
Hate to remember the moment that I rush to revise them...
I get some advices and tips from my former Physic lecturer and my coursemates. They advised me to revise on the notes, examples given and tutorials questions.

Thus, I got something like this instead! :)

The last test that I was headed to is another two days of revision of Functional Biology test... For those coursemates who didn't have to resit Physics paper, they have four days to revise on Biology but for those who did have two days for instant preparation... Really damn tired and my brain gonna need a replacement like upgrades to Pentium i7 Core or AMD Phenom x4... What to do, the highest state of my brain is Pentium III!

As usual, I will analyze the past year papers to review a gist of what the paper will I get for upcoming test... Duh! When I see those papers for Biology, I wish that I had such papers back in my Form 6 Biology where they were 10 times tougher than UTAR Functional Biology paper... I saw a few of my friends were worried because they mentioned the past year papers were tough.

Speechless on that but hey, if you have such standard on a limit, that's your point. If you have a good Maths foundation, you can score higher on Maths-related subject such as Statistics and Calculus. For me, I'm love laboratory on Chemistry and Biology study... Frank speaking, if I have a choice, I would like to stay in Biotechnology instead of Chemistry in UTAR.

Sigh... Once you are in such state, you will have to face hard decision but for me, I won't cry over a spilt milk. I preferred to move step ahead and make my life more interesting even though I chose walked a wrong path... ^o^

Okey, back to my Biology. In the end, the paper is quite easy and I want to get more than a C for this paper in order to increase my GPA. I dropped last semester due to my health but this time THERE'S NO CHANCE FOR ME TO DROP AGAIN! I must make sure that I'll achieve at least a 3.00 GPA in my end of my university in order for me to strike for Master of Science after my degree! It's a must for me so I will not have to compete with others!

That's all on my past and the end of my Year 1 education as a chemistry student in UTAR. Gonna have an anniversary for this blog but it's not time yet. I planned a renovation but not now...

Wait for the face lift of this blog!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adios Year 1!

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I was thrilled!
That's one big step I took in my life to proceed my university life!
It was lucky to have quite-moderate-hard functional biology test...
Thanks Mr. Chin for the test!

Okey, as I promised here's my past schedule on study and exam weeks.

Study Week

I come back to Ipoh because I really had stress last semester because I felt alone...
Really alone and this year I did something unexpected... I decided to come back to study even in exam weeks...

Although Ipoh is not so far from Kampar but one-hour drive for one way is kinda tiring...

OK! Enough for the planning.

In the study week, I didn't touch any notes, tutorials and pass year papers of ANY subjects except...


I'm really worried because it sounds like my last year 'Calculus & Algebra' subject. Ruin my Midterm tests but survived in 1/3 of my coursework which is my assignment. Got highest marks... Day and night, I kept doing the same thing and sleep around 4 am (at least!) I even didn't touch my General Physics paper which I resit for it because I failed it in my previous semester.

My mind was flying around and end up in Facebook, and my blog! I need to stick to my notebook to calm myself down...


Exam Week

First day, I had my English For Science (EFS) test and I drove myself back to Kampar. The test is okey because the data interpretation and report writing part I get with it and twisted my brain on the cloze text and comprehension. But my mind flew to statistic... I'm worried, DAMN worried!

When I drove back to Ipoh during evening, I met an accident. My car, Avanza hit a goat. Not my fault! It's the stupid owner who released his goat across heavy traffic. I really scared and don't know what to do. Luckily, the goat suffered broken leg and I don't need to pay the accident. But when I saw my car...

OHMIGOSH!!! My car front bumper spoilt! In my life, I dropped my mouth on the side of road and my mind just said, "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" I called my mum and told her about my accident and the car. She was kinda down but she didn't blame me for that...

Sigh... That time, I was worried about my Statistics test and my car. Super-duper stress! That night, I slept on night and woke up around 11.00 pm to do the last piece of pass year paper.

The time comes... I sat the paper after my EFS test and I was shaking! Plus, I wrote wrongly on my details and the invigilator reminded me about that. Embaressed! When I turned my paper, I try to do it calmly... In the end, I can go through the paper and at least to pass my paper. Yay! Happy~

Then, I quite browse through my Pengajian Malaysia notes and on that test day, I use my M-16 to shoot my paper several times! He he he but in the essay part, I did try to get at least 40/50...

Sigh... Should I continue my story because it's kinda long and wordy without pictures. So, that's all for me now and wait for my part 2.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saved Physics!

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This is NOT me... Don't ask me who is he also...

Luckily, yesterday paper ain't tough!
Ir. Chan really set those questions on Physics papers all according to the notes, tutorials and a few past year questions.
Thanks to him and friends' advices that asking me to revise his notes, tutorials and some examples which are outlined last semester...
I hope I didn't waste my RM 100 to resit this tough paper!
Happy for now but onwards, I need to suffer...

Yesterday, I went to Mr. Chin's room to pass up my coursework papers for him to evaluation purpose... He's not in but there's other lecturer in that room, Dr. Said if not a mistake because I know he's one of the lecturers who are not from Malaysia.

Dr. Said: Yes?
Me: I'm looking for Mr. Chin Is he away for long?
Dr. Said: Huh? *not listening to my words properly*
Me: I said is Mr Chin away for long? *This man got hearing problem and his English is 'arabically' spoken.
Dr. Said: Oh, he just away not for few minutes.

Then, I ignored him instead I left my papers and a note for him. Suddenly, Mr. Chin came... Wasted my piece of fullscape paper!

Mr. Chin: Oh, hi. Pass up your coursework paper? Sorry for the late announcement har.
Me: Never mind. It's okey.
Mr. Chin: So, have you revise? *He meant for his paper*
Me: Err... NOT YET...

Mr. Chin gave me a worrying look...

Me: I'm going to start tonight because last few days I revise hardly on my resit paper, General Physics.
Mr. Chin: Oh, *knowing my problem*. Never mind, start studying.

Actually, I want to ask some tips for his paper since he didn't give us
But I afraid he will...

Prefer not to say~

Anyway, I'm going to post my hectic exam period diary on next post but I was announced with the schedule outage from on coming Monday that they will have a maintenance on that day. So, please wait for it.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flunk POM Partially...

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Today, I had a bad feeling that I'm not going to do well in Properties Of Matter finals..
Since my Déjà vu is so accurate, I can't finish my test properly...
That's sucks...
Never mind, I hope it will get at least a pass for me.
Okey, back to my General Physics...
Actually I'm writing this post and studying physics at the same time...
So, I want to deviate for a while and think my schedules after my Functional Biology test.

Monday, 11/May/2009: Get a big nap at Kampar until 3 something, clean my room, bathroom and living room, yum-cha with my gang plus my PM lecturer at night and get late night out whole day...

Tuesday, 12/May/2009: Continue my spring cleaning (I purposely do it partially on Monday so I can slack around, have breakfast with my friends (if they are still in Kampar), back to Ipoh and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Wednesday - Friday, 13 - 15/May/2009: Going to test my newly downloaded Windows 7 RC, repair a customer's computer A.S.A.P., pack for holiday on Saturday till Sunday at KL

Saturday - Sunday, 16 - 17/May/2009: Visit my grandpa grave at Kajang, shop-till-I-drop in KL with my parents, photograph around KL city, and maybe if I've permission, I may cruise around KL to find 'someone'...

My schedule onwards? I may need to clean my car, get my car bumper fix, change my car oil, cleaning my house (my belongings only), watch TV, planning to go to Haadyai once more but probably will be cancelled due to Swine Flu, TQ =.=|||, change my holiday to Cameron Highlands about two or three days...

Emm, I try to fill my time before I have a bad moody feeling to see my exam slip. So, good luck guys to get high scores and wish me luck too and see me running around the city and of course... in internet...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Tagged Twice...

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Revision also got time to tag people...

1. Do you like blue cheese?
I prefer plain cheese but blue cheese taste okey...

2. When was the most recent time you needed help?
When I have trouble on my emotions and feelings?

3. Do you own a weapon?
Yeah. I own a M-16 to shoot my question papers during exams.

4. What flavour of Kool Aid was your favorite?
Sorry, it's not available in Malaysia since I googled about it.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
Quite but I got used to it because every appointment, I got blood test.

6. Do you know & love laksa?
I can ask for laksa a few blocks away from my house (Ipoh) everyday for free...

7. Favorite Christmas movie?
Polar Express.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Coffee with full cream milk but without sugar

9. Can you do push ups?
Can. Not more than 10 times.

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
No. But planning to buy one for my future wedding... That will be my favourite!

11. If you had to sacrifice either your television or your music system, which would go?
I sacrifice both... but I can't sacrifice my piano!

12. Right- or left-handed?

13. What's your favorite shoe?
Pasar malam shoes...

14. Middle name?
Jee (Ji)

15. Name 3 thoughts at this moment
I'm slacking around my blog, Facebook and other things which is related to computer than my revision
Lots of skyscrapers and engineering invention such as SMART Tunnel
My Chipster superstar contest submissions voting

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
Plain water, dark coffee and Milo

17. Current worry?
Exams, Swine Flu and my contest of Chipster

18. Current hate?
My laziness

19. Favorite ice-cream?
Sugar-free vanilla

20. How did you bring in the New Year?
Prosperous, happiness and think less

21. Where would you love to fly next?
Indo-china countries, Australia

22. Where will you fly next??
Nowhere. Tickets are expensive and unaffordable. Prefer by car...

23. Do you own slippers?
Yes. 2.

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now?
Plain white

25. Preferred bedsheets?
Contemporary bedsheets like those are choices of home desigers.

26. Do you floss daily?
Weekly basis

27. Favorite color?
Sky Blue

28. Would you be a pirate?
I've been a pirate since Form 3. Software pirates (for my own usage).

29. What songs do you sing in the shower?
I don't sing.

30. Favorite girl's name?
I don't know...

31. Favorite boy's name?

32. What's in your pocket right now?

33. Last thing that made you laugh?
Discovery Channel - Extreme Engineering - China, Shanghai World Financial Center from Youtube.

34. Best recent meal?
Plain rice with chicken and vegetable. Why? Expecting caviar in my dish?1?

35. Worst injury/illness you had as a child?
I had very severe skin allergies and than my liver have a weird and unknown illness.

36. Do you love where you live?
Love it and nothing will change my mind.

37. Funniest TV show?
From Youtube.

38. Who is your most talkative friend?
Most of my friends are talkative. (Don't kill me if you are~)

39. How many dogs do you have?

40. Do you believe in miracles?

41. What book(s) are on your bedside table?
Chemistry - The Molecular Nature Of Matter & Change, Physical Chemistry, Statistics...

42. What is your favorite candy?
I don't know the name but it's like a soluble tablet with skimmed milk and artificial flavours. Cost 10 sen each!

43. Favorite sports team?
I like swimming but don't have a team on it.

44. Favorite bands?

45. Who you wanna to tag?
Adrian Foo
Daniel Lim
Other blog readers of mine and list of friends
(Do it after your test if you are in tests. Don't blame me for getting Fs in your exams)

Chipster Contest - Chipstrix!

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Another submission of Chipster superstar contest...
This time, there's a new ke-le-feh!
Introducing the cast:

Neo - Myself
Trinity/Saloon Gal - Siok San
Bad guy - *Thian Thian*~

So, if you like it, have a look on the video and the other 3 videos also at my previous post. Vote for me on 9 - 19 June to support me!

By the way, I have the last chance to submit my videos, so guys which one do you like the most? James Bond? Pirates Of The Carribean? Star Wars? Or The Recent Ones, Matrix? Advice me and you can tell me which cast you want to put either your friends or if you brave enough, YOURSELF!

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