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Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Based on previous addition on My Heroes Ability, in this second semester break, I'm addicted to Sci-Fi drama series... I'm already a 3 month Rapidshare subsriber and keep downloading dramas such as Smallville, the new Stargate chronicles: Stargate Universe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and much more.
First of all, Smallville is my favourite since its season one. Talking about the youth of Clark Kenk a.k.a. Superman or Kar-El until now, he can do anything except for one: Flying... XD. So, I think the story is kinda running away... erm, from the real story. I meant Kryptonians are appearing more than the old-fighting-scene with Lex Luthor: The main human villian in Superman chronicles.
Forget to say, Lex is dead in Season 8 but he's not there because his contract ended on Season 7.
By the way, Lana Lang is another supergirl after she had an Alien suit implanted in her body back to Season 8. Neh, she just dropping by in Smallville after she's done with the legendary Chun Li. But still, she's still Clark's #1 girlfriend.
Talking about Jimmy Olsen, he's dead too (I meant Aaron Ashmore ended his contract :P ) after he was killed by Davis Bloom (Doomsday) and Chloe is still grief about him... :(

Anyway, here's the new guy in Smallville chronicles...
Mr. Callum Blue. To be frank, it's weird to have such name but he's Englishman. He plays as General Zod, the destructor of planet Krypton but I haven't see him doing anything to destroy planet Earth. I might have to wait that moment in current season 9. :P
Hah, the rumoured artist, Brian Austin Grenn plays as a two episode Metallo. I wished he can stay longer or be apart of the Smallville main characters. He casted very well back in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.I missed Summer Glau too :*(
Smallville (CK) is kinda in halloween mood because his outfit is totally black except his family emblem, the 'S' with diamond shape outline which is in silver color. I always thought that Superman main colors are yellow, blue and the obvious red.

That's why I said, the story is way to far apart comparing to the original Superman life.

This sci-fi is kinda like Battlestar Galactica because they are taking the Stargate into space. A new board of stars and I only recognize one of them: Robert Carlyle back in 28 Weeks Later and Flood.
The story is kinda blur for those who are not a Stargate viewers but it's a nicer comparing to Stargate Atlantis.
The real addiction is this: Dollhouse. I know I'm a bit out dated due to my semester study and currently it's on Season 2. So, it's not too late to catch up, right? :) Just watched 5 episodes and kinda like Echo (Eliza Dushku).
The drama is talking about a bunch of people known as Actives who play as a doll whenever their mind is set for a certain characters. They are under a certain contract and won't remember a single thing on what they were doing previously. Cool sci-fi isn't it? :) But this poor Echo, her mind is getting the glimpse of self-consciousness and start to know her origin.
Amy Acker is playing a side roles on Dollhouse. I don't like her when she's a good girl in a drama. She looks kinda fishy and good on bad guys roles. Maybe I've watched Alias when she was the bad girl, Kelly Peyton who help the bad guys...
See that? She looks great as a bad girl. :P

Anyway, I like Sci-Fi series very much and hope there's more I can download in future. Upcoming, there's a Sci-Fi series on November called 'V'. Look for the trailer here and it might get yourself addicted too! :P

A bientot!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali 2009!

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As the title stated, I wish all the Indian friends and visitors, Happy Deepavali this year and hopefully, the light festival is an exciting moments for us in the world.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beauty Of Sunset

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Before my finals, I came back from shopping at Tesco Kampar. When I was almost reach home, I saw a beauty of nature. The sunset is marvelous and astonishing. I saw the moments few times before in Kampar but can't really catch up it with my camera.
This time, I've also recorded the 1 minute session of sunset. Enjoy the moment...

A bientot!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crocs "Works"

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A few days ago, I spent my time with my parents for shopping at Kinta City Jusco, Ipoh. After a few walks, me and my dad sat on a bench which is just an opposite to Crocs shoes store. Crocs is quite a famous shoes retailler because of its design and function which gives a super comfort to the wearer.

Talking about its almost perfect shoe design, it comes with a hefty price. If not mistaken, a pair of regular Crocs shoe cost about RM 80... When I saw this price, my brain straightly inform me to walk out from the store. Not only me will act so because most of the visitors (cannot call them customers where they haven't purchase a thing yet) just stop by, have a view on the shop and doze off to other stores.

I'm attracted on this babe~ :P

In order to attract shoppers to come in the spot, they design a 5 feet Crocs shoe and display it outside the store. Kinda attracting because it looks abnormal. My story ain't talking about how special the gigantic shoe is. Instead, I recorded a video which is quite amusing where most of the shopper act as I said just now.

Attractive enough? I don't think so unless the store said, "80% discount for all items!". I'm sure the store will be emptied in a day with such promotion.

A bientot!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I miss it!

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Due to my last hectic semester of Chemistry degree in UTAR Kampar, I can't blog so much but still I kept pictures and blog them now while I have 3 months semester break. Cool eh?

So, after my final exams for Year 2 Semester 1, I miss my lab sessions so much. The feeling of discovering things and analyzing them in your brain and not forgetting the stress of finishing up lab reports at eleventh hour (means last minute la) and in the end, get (or not in my case in UTAR) the unexpected report marks. Actually, I don't care how many marks I got in every lab reports. As long as I gain the experiences and skills, that's all I need...


Here's some few shots during my previous lab session. This is how we (young chemists) work in real time lab. Might boring you with my words but it's interesting to do them... Pure fun!
I forgot what's this experiment about but I remember what compound I'm producing here...
See the white clumps? They are aspirin. It's just one of the compound in your paracetamols' medicine so, in here, it's inedible...
My teammate... Isn't she look professional?
This is another experiment called "Oxidation of borneol to camphor by chromic acid". The green colour is exhibited by the chromium salts. Camphor is the white solid crystal which is mostly used as insect repellant and religious ceremonies mainly for Indians in Malaysia.
This is easier to understand right? Not to forget, cooling balm like Vicks Vapor Rub contains camphor due to their cooling effect, anesthetic and anti-microbial properties.
In order to get camphor, cooling process like ice bath (above) is required.
Seperating funnel is used to seperate the aqueous (water-dissolved) phase and organic (nonwater-dissolved/oil-based) phase. See the white crystals at the bottom of the funnel? They are camphor.
See the clear layer? That's the organic layer which we don't want in the end of the experiment.
Almost there...
I'm not the only person who is likes to take photos. Taking photo during lab might help the team in future discussion for lab reports.
Tada! End of experiment!
(She like her pose in this photo by the way! :P)

That's the part of my lab session which last 2 1/2 hours per session in a week. For science students, we think that lab session is either fun or tiring. Sometimes, we might feel disappointed on failure and mishaps during practicals and abnormal results and we need to start over fast when the time is short. Therefore, the team must work together and know what they are doing is the priority and main goal to achieve standard (I shouldn't say perfect because there's no perfect situation in lab experiment or else we are in PhDs) results.

A bientot!

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