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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adios Year 1! (Part 2)

Let's continue my part 2...
After my Pengajian Malaysia test, I headed to my revision on Properties Of Matter (POM)... But due to my over-happiness, I drag my time until the last two days to revise it...

I facebook, blogging, reading people's blog and of course my new toy, Twitter. At the eleventh hour, I rushed to practice my calculation, remembers my formulae and try to do some off the past year questions...

There's one thing I hate during exams:- Memorize things and forget them after the test... I found out that method is a bad solution for me because I might use them (formulae) in my future courses such as coming Thermodynamic course in my Year 2 Semester 1. Plus, in this subject (POM), there's one thing I hate to memorize, the reaction scheme for organic chemistry such as alkanes, alkenes and other hydrocarbon craps!

Then, after the result of half revision, I become this!

There's two more days after the POM test, my GENERAL PHYSICS test~
Hate to remember the moment that I rush to revise them...
I get some advices and tips from my former Physic lecturer and my coursemates. They advised me to revise on the notes, examples given and tutorials questions.

Thus, I got something like this instead! :)

The last test that I was headed to is another two days of revision of Functional Biology test... For those coursemates who didn't have to resit Physics paper, they have four days to revise on Biology but for those who did have two days for instant preparation... Really damn tired and my brain gonna need a replacement like upgrades to Pentium i7 Core or AMD Phenom x4... What to do, the highest state of my brain is Pentium III!

As usual, I will analyze the past year papers to review a gist of what the paper will I get for upcoming test... Duh! When I see those papers for Biology, I wish that I had such papers back in my Form 6 Biology where they were 10 times tougher than UTAR Functional Biology paper... I saw a few of my friends were worried because they mentioned the past year papers were tough.

Speechless on that but hey, if you have such standard on a limit, that's your point. If you have a good Maths foundation, you can score higher on Maths-related subject such as Statistics and Calculus. For me, I'm love laboratory on Chemistry and Biology study... Frank speaking, if I have a choice, I would like to stay in Biotechnology instead of Chemistry in UTAR.

Sigh... Once you are in such state, you will have to face hard decision but for me, I won't cry over a spilt milk. I preferred to move step ahead and make my life more interesting even though I chose walked a wrong path... ^o^

Okey, back to my Biology. In the end, the paper is quite easy and I want to get more than a C for this paper in order to increase my GPA. I dropped last semester due to my health but this time THERE'S NO CHANCE FOR ME TO DROP AGAIN! I must make sure that I'll achieve at least a 3.00 GPA in my end of my university in order for me to strike for Master of Science after my degree! It's a must for me so I will not have to compete with others!

That's all on my past and the end of my Year 1 education as a chemistry student in UTAR. Gonna have an anniversary for this blog but it's not time yet. I planned a renovation but not now...

Wait for the face lift of this blog!

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