How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Monday, August 6, 2012

One year is up.

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After the day on tomorrow, it will be a complete year for my first job. As a lab officer (aka Assistant Laboratory Manager) in UTAR. Believe it or not? I felt it was like just a month, or two. Felt so short yet I've step this far.

A year of full service meant I gotta be confirmed. Yes, I'm a confirmed staff. And I'm not showing off here (for a certain readers who thinks I'm showing off. Sorry for the late disclaimer). As I was confirmed, my first impression is either happy or sad. Feels like in the middle but more to the down mood.

When comes to doing my job, everyone will say,

"Nigel, we depend on you."

I don't know whether it was a compliment or merely just sending me a smirk. Taking higher steps mean having heavy responsibilities, I feel that but I need to take it slowly and have the obligation to ignore them if I still have unsettle business. I hope people will know everyone has a limit before going overboard.


Anyway, I try to take it positively when my feelings tell me the opposite. Try to climb higher still but remember my limits. Hope all of you understands. :) Currently, I'm trying to get back my track with something I've planned along.

Yeah, master studies.

Now, I'm preparing myself with some early discussion with my supervisor before determine the route for the study. Before that, I would like to deliver my gratitude to my FYP supervisor, Dr. Chee who still have a keen interest on me to become my MSc supervisor. I hope that we will collaborate and make something out from the research. So, up up the way and hope my plan can be carried forward as I was imagined.

Will I survive for another year before I do it with my part-time studies on Master? Hope so because I will have thoughts on the next level after the study. For time being, let's stick back the plan which I had in mind during my third year of undergraduate.

Before I miss out, I would like to thank my previous life that prep me with plans even though I need to go through pains and bitter moments. Just let my passion kept burning as it is but not fading away.

And I stay...

*Berkhidmat untuk UTAR*
(English: Ready to serve for UTAR)

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