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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be Yourself!

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I found a advert from Thailand which got my vote for the Year of Advertisment!

แพนทีน-A deaf girl learns to play violin

The deaf and mute violinist really inspire me a lot. Especially, her teacher said, "Why you want to become others?". Everyone wants to be different but did they think about being themselves?

I almost repeating the video a few times and really touch by her eagerness and courageous skill. Plus, she impress the world of music.

So, since we become something different all the time, why we can't just be ourselves?

You can shine...but not shine like others, shine your inner shine~

(P.S.: I love music and Pantene!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's happening to Malaysia?

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I'm in Kampar, studying in UTAR peacefully and comfortably until...

(on telephone)

Mum: Wei, this Friday you are going to come back to Ipoh?
Me: Yeap~ Why?
Mum: No la... Just informing you that I'm going to come to Kampar to fetch you because your landlord ask me to pay Cukai Taksiran's of the apartment you lived.
Me: Ooo...
Mum: I think you shouldn't come out at late night these days...
Me: Why? (If you don't say also, I won't come out gelar! *thinking*)
Mum: Have you heard the news?
Me: What news? Me here busy doing lab reports and homeworks ma! Where got time to see news?
Mum: Something has happened in Perak's politic...
Me: What's happening?
Mum: One lady which is kinda a backbone to the Pakatan Rakyat has left the DAP and change to Barisan Nasional.
Me: So?
Mum: So, the woman corrupted the new government of Perak (she meant the government which has been led by Pakatan Rakyat last year)
Me: Who is the lady? Fong Po Kuan?!?
Mum: Not her lar~ It's Hee Yit Foong.
Hee Yit Foong? Who is she? I haven't heard of her before. Only Fong Po Kuan I heard lar~
Mum: So, don't come out at late night or slacking around Kampar because I afraid got riots at Kampar happen.
Me: Okey...

(The conversation on last Thursday)

Actually, I don't care much about Malaysia government because I preferred to be a neutral samaritan. When I heard there will be riots around Ipoh, I preferred to stick to my room and finish my business (homeworks from UTAR).

I'm really disappointed. Not disappointed to the lady or the Perakian politicians, I'm just felt that on the Malaysian government. It's really a disgrace to have such political issues that never ends. I'm not sure when the issues started (either before I was borned or not) but from the history of Malaysia I've learnt, I think the Malaysia after 1957 is much peaceful than todays. I can't see any peacefulness in the government.

Just now, I heard the news from TV and most of it talks about the Perak issues... Huh, not only her is the 'dalang' but with this two guys:-

Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (left) & Osman Jailu (right)

I don't them also... You can consider me as a politic noobs! That's why I said, I preferred to be NEUTRAL when comes to politics.

Then, I go to Wikipedia and checkout who's the lady...

Hee Yit Foong is a politician from the Malaysian state of Perak. She served as Deputy Speaker of the Perak State Legislative Assembly from March 2008 to February 2009. She was a member of the Democratic Action Party from the late 1980s until 2009. Hee, was state assemblywoman for Jelapang and was the first disabled woman to become the speaker of a Malaysian legislative body. Hee carries a limp from a case of polio she contracted at the age of 4.

On 4th February 2009, she was one of four assembly people who withdrew their support from the incumbent Pakatan Rakyat government. She announced that she would support the Barisan National coalition instead. This has prompted a political crisis in the state. Malaysian Insider which is one of the independent, non-mainstream online newspapers in Malaysia published an article entitled 'Remember the four frogs that fooled all' describing that Malaysians would always remember the four (one of whom is Hee Yit Foong) who had caused the downfall of the Perak government governed by the Pakatan Rakyat by defection not by fresh mandate from the people in their constituencies. She is the worst Malaysian Chinese politician traitor in the country history.
Oh my god! Even, Wikipedia talks bad about her! Then, I googled her name... From there, I can see most of the blogs write about her and rant on her with words with anger and disappointment and some of them, I laughed at their funny comments. Some of them said she's the "
Prostitute Of Jelapang (PoJ)". Sigh, I wonder how she felt after seeing these rants? Some say she is happy with her money she received as a angpow from someone and busy counting money while hiding in somewhere in Malaysia...

Is this MALAYSIA? I think the actual Tanah Melayu is MALAYSIA... Sigh, what to do? I'm a Malaysian plus Perakian and I'm shamed to be one when my country and my state in such condition. I wonder my oversea friends ask me about that...

Haiz, plans to go overseas and be a PR there after I graduate from UTAR...

I think the Perakian (or Malaysian) should be more concern about the economic crisis. Please, put aside the angerness and please finish up the business... If not, we become like the Thais when they launched riots at Bangkok International Airport and almost distorting their economic!

Emm, I wonder that can I come back to Kampar peacefully on coming next Monday~
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