How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I challenge you! I MEAN YOU!

Can you guess whom I bumped into on my last holiday trip on Cameron Highlands?
Here's the picture...
  1. Malaysian.
  2. Female.
  3. TV personality.
  4. TV host of a few local TV programmes.
  5. Currently acting on two local English drama.
I think I give enough!
So, I challenge you to guess. Price? Let me see...
I tell you later! :P

I'm not dare to get an autograph because I respect her privacy. I think she was having vacation with her family...
Everyone (for those who know her) was eyeing on her and whispering.
Lucky me, she sat next to my table but there's a glass and log seperate us!
F**k! If not, I'm gonna chit chat with her. Just got a quick shot of her...
Hopefully, I was permissioned to do so and I'm not a paparazzi.

*Dang! I love her Blackberry! Hear my story on Cameron Highlands on coming posts. Have lots of things to post before this*

This challenge is open for everyone. For those who know the answer before I post this challenge will not be considerate as guesser. PLEASE BE FRANK & HONEST. Price will be confirmed as the winner is announced!
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