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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saved Physics!

This is NOT me... Don't ask me who is he also...

Luckily, yesterday paper ain't tough!
Ir. Chan really set those questions on Physics papers all according to the notes, tutorials and a few past year questions.
Thanks to him and friends' advices that asking me to revise his notes, tutorials and some examples which are outlined last semester...
I hope I didn't waste my RM 100 to resit this tough paper!
Happy for now but onwards, I need to suffer...

Yesterday, I went to Mr. Chin's room to pass up my coursework papers for him to evaluation purpose... He's not in but there's other lecturer in that room, Dr. Said if not a mistake because I know he's one of the lecturers who are not from Malaysia.

Dr. Said: Yes?
Me: I'm looking for Mr. Chin Is he away for long?
Dr. Said: Huh? *not listening to my words properly*
Me: I said is Mr Chin away for long? *This man got hearing problem and his English is 'arabically' spoken.
Dr. Said: Oh, he just away not for few minutes.

Then, I ignored him instead I left my papers and a note for him. Suddenly, Mr. Chin came... Wasted my piece of fullscape paper!

Mr. Chin: Oh, hi. Pass up your coursework paper? Sorry for the late announcement har.
Me: Never mind. It's okey.
Mr. Chin: So, have you revise? *He meant for his paper*
Me: Err... NOT YET...

Mr. Chin gave me a worrying look...

Me: I'm going to start tonight because last few days I revise hardly on my resit paper, General Physics.
Mr. Chin: Oh, *knowing my problem*. Never mind, start studying.

Actually, I want to ask some tips for his paper since he didn't give us
But I afraid he will...

Prefer not to say~

Anyway, I'm going to post my hectic exam period diary on next post but I was announced with the schedule outage from on coming Monday that they will have a maintenance on that day. So, please wait for it.

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