How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Foggy but still going...

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It has been a long time I type something due to my hectic workload and travelling period from Kampar to Ipoh. Wanna blurt some off my rants actually but hard to explain in the proper manner so I just make it short and simple.

For the past 7 months that I've been working as a lab officer (position known in my campus is 'Assistant Laboratory Manager'), I learnt lots of stuffs and have the high and low experience. From the wackiest scene made by my students and facing my bosses on jobs that I've never encounter with minimal guidance, I would say it was a hell of a ride. In fact, I like the most is my colleagues who share laughters and discuss matter around without having politics.

(I'm not advocating the book, I mean the 'title')

What I can hope to see in my future is producing a laboratory professional, but what I see in present is way off the road. Hurt or not, I want to say that the batch of student I had currently came from a generation called 'Spoon fed generation'.

Yeah, it's my quote of the year. 

Plus I've encounter several students who are not just only disobey your words, they even challenge me back. See the picture? Perhaps they thought that once they paid me to do the job, I have to be like a servant. Sorry, I was paid to teach you to become a professional in a society, not a dung. Even I was being paid with a decent salary, I know my purpose for being here as a teacher and lab coordinator. It's way too different compare to my batch as we do and learn things most from ourselves, not by just ask to do for it. So, suck it up. I won't change my way of doing my work...

Next things is about my working place management. Yes, I was being told and experiencing the hectic procedures with no guidance from the upper personnels. They even don't bother to guide me properly on doing things and ending up I was being scold for nothing. Plus, a letter that will compromise my confirmation interview. My (upper) boss said it wasn't a big deal on getting that letter but hell yeah, it matters to me. Mostly. So, as a good lesson, I won't start my engine doing things unless I'm in the right track and procedures. Enough saying on saving someone's ass and get my ass hot red.

Back to the main topic, my journey is kind of foggy but hey, I told myself that I accept challenges and learn how to face it. Nothing can beat me down, even I fall. It just a matter of time that I crawl up back, stand firmly and move on confidently.

P.S.: Sorry if my post contains quite a number of cursing words but it's my expression. Just strikethrough those disturbing words and arrange a better words in your mind, will ya? Thanks XOXO.

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