How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Monday, September 21, 2009


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Erm, sorry... Just forget to wish my cousin brother, Happy Wedding Day and I'm glad to have the second cousin-sister-in-law in my family! Welcome aboard and bon voyage in your marriage. I have a small token of wedding gift which is not worth much and hope you guys like it!

A bientot!

Hate it but have to love it.

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This is not my heart beat...
(I'm dying if it is...)
It just that I need to understand how to interpret this graph which is really troublesome and causing me headache!
I hate NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy but I have to love it because it's in my journey to become a chemist.
As a chemist, we deal a lot of chemical reaction. I mentioned from my past posts that I preferred to do practicals than theories because there's lot of things to discover in practicals which is better than memorizing notes in theories to pass the exams. Unfortunately, both of them are equally important, like Yin Yang.

No matter how I rant and complain about it, my life still goes on and no way to change it. Just wonder I long I can continue my revision in this midnight. Probably, 4 a.m.?

I think I should keep my mouth shut and continue my revision then...

A bientot!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Undang (Road signs) v2

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In Malaysia before we get to learn how to drive vehicles, it's an essential to have a basic knowledge on road signs such as STOP and so on. Back to my time, we call it as "Undang" in Malay which is a substitute word for "Rules of the Road" (Undang-undang Jalan Raya in Malay)in Malaysia. Kinda boring because since I was small, I know those signs by asking my parents and from books.

I stumbled on something hilarious...

(Click to enlarge)
Translation in english (From left to right, zig-zag direction)

When I was driving my motor,
I saw a woman in a sudden,
We met and have fun together,
When she was ready,
She lift her left leg...
...and her right leg.
I insert *** her.
She praise my length...
...and my weight.
After a few up-and-down actions,
We try different directions,
With a different speed.
When I almost reach to the end,
She shout "STOP".
She said she forgot to take pills.
My libido is instantly turn down.
After nine months, she was pregnant.
I'm becoming a dad.
My world seems like collapsing.
In the end, I choose to walk rather than others.

A bientot!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I wish I had one of these...

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...and wear it up during my Finals!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thai harder!

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Hardly can blog now because I'm doing my revision for my finals.
So, folks. Be patient and I'll try my best to keep you guys updates.
Here's a funny ads from Australia Yellow Pages I recently bump into.
Have fun and good day ahead!

Wish me and my coursemates can go through this coming finals for Year 2 Semester 1 Chemistry! So, THAI your best... Lolz!

À Bientôt!

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