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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tesco Choice (Malaysia Produced), Not My Choice!

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I had a bad feeling using Tesco Choice products. Actually, there are two range of Tesco Choice Products:- Malaysia and European. By comparing them, I found the distinct difference between Malaysian products and imported products.

My mom bought a stack of Tesco Choice A4 paper last few months and I use them for some photocopies on my inkjet. Their papers are really low class even it's cheaper than other A4 paper brand. Tesco A4 papers lose its thickiness and flexibility as a good quality paper. It just like a comparison between a toilet paper and cardboard.

That's the thing I'm worrying purchasing Malaysia-made products because they don't have quality control on their products before they release them. That's Malaysia attitude of making cheap, low-class products! Zero quality control~

My advice of the day is we can buy Tesco choice products but see the details on them. If it's Malaysia product, we should think twice before we buy them. If they are imported especially from Tesco UK, no doubts on purchasing them because they are really good!

These are examples of Tesco Choice imported range... So, whenever you shop in Tesco, look for details before you buy them. That's what a smart consumer is!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Pandamic

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Have you heard about Swine Flu?
It's another type of flu which are quite lethal but not as dangerous as H5N1 Flu because it's curable...
So, what is Swine Flu?
I came across it facts that they are siblings of H5N1 flu viruses but they are not lethal if immediate medication is seeked.
In today news, most of the Englishman countries such as Mexico, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are having an outbreak of this disease... So, kinda worry that it will reach South East Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore.
So, I've got some latest updates through Google Earth (Map) which has pinpoint the swine flu cases around the globe.

The disease starts from Mexico and reached USA...

Then, it came to European countries...

And last but not least, Australia and New Zealand. Luckily, Nicole came back to Malaysia after her visits from Gold Coast and Adelaide, Australia. So, hopefully she didn't contract the disease there and feel in pink back to Malaysia.

Soon, I hope the disease will not come to Malaysia because I'm still in bad condition. You know, liver problem...
So, I see another pinpoint was put on Hong Kong and my worried level going to increase (as my finals are increasing the level almost toward maximum point!).
So, hopefully, it can't reach to Malaysia.
Lucky for me, I dislike pork...

Do you know that, the organism I hate the most is viruses. They are not classified neither living nor dead organism. That's not the problem for being alive or not. The main problem is they tend to replicate themselves by injecting their DNA strands into poor petty living cells (including bacterias). Afterwards, the DNA will be undergo replication and plus, VARIATION to produce new, strong viruses of its kind! Hate them! After a few replications, they will lysis the cell and caused the host to die... Some DNA like HIV virus tend to make a template of its own DNA and insert into human DNA so that when suitable time comes, it will instruct its DNA strands to produce viruses... It's scary you know? I consider viruses is one thing which are not suppose to exist in this world because most of them, THEY ARE MEAN TO LIVING BEINGS!

So to my dearest family members, friends, blog readers and my twitter followers around the globe, take care yourself and don't caught up by swine flu because it's not going to be a nice day afterwards by having such stupid infection!

Monday, April 27, 2009


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Another Chipster contest submission which I'm gonna to post...
Right on!


Siok San - Guru Jedi/Cinema Gal
Daniel Lim - Darth Vader/Cleaning guy *whatever*
Myself - Tou Tai (Student) of Guru Jedi

Twitt Me!

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Last few days, you see being offline on MSN...
I been introduced to use Twitter, a free social networking which very easy to use.
You just need to register yourself and insert your particulars for first timers.
Then, Twitter will ask you "What Are You Doing?"
For me, it just like a small diary or mini blog that I can reply ASAP...
By the way, you can follow other people twitts (in this context means updates) and if other people have interest to see your mini blog everyday, people will follow you back.

Twitter serves another additional features especially for those who blog and have high traffic visitors. For me, my average traffic visitors are 100 but after I used Twitter, my traffic increase up to 140 unique visitors. Suprise?
Twitter really boost my blog to a wider range of society...

So, here's my Twitter base camp!

For those who are interested, join this community!
Don't forget to FOLLOW me at the same time...

For those who doesn't like to go to web to twitts, I encourage you to use external software to twitts without your browser.
I use Twhirl on my desktop and it is very user-friendly...

That's Twhirl... Plus the wallpaper behind is featured by Nicolekiss who fulfill my request for her Gold Coast holiday pictures as wallpapers! Gonna download all her wallpapers around the globe!


Thanks Nicole!
For more, visit her latest post here on her getaways from Gold Coast, Australia!
So, join Twitter!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aisha Duo - Quiet Song

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Hear my newest jukebox from
I discovered a song: Despertar from my own Windows Vista sample music...
At first, I didn't bother about it but my curiosity told me to play it...
It's like the background song when you walk around The Garden, Mid Valley, KL.

Very elegant place yet have such similar song...
So, for those who are fond with jazz, instrumentals and quiet song, I would recommend this song from its album, Quiet Songs...


Beneath an Evening Sky (Ralph Towner)
Children's Song No. 1
Children's Song No. 2
Children's Song No. 8
Children's Song No. 9
Children's Song No. 3
Children's Song No. 20
Children's Song No. 10
Children's Song No. 14
Sea, Subsurface
Ninna Nanna

Actually, the main instrument playing on the songs are xylophones...
Hardly knew such instruments would play elegent and high-class musics!
So, get it by downloads or somewhere you can get it 'free'...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chipster Contest~

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Thanks Nicolekiss!
You fill my stress with fun with such funny acts on Chipster movie.
So, I'm filming my own movie...

Hero - Myself
Heroine - Ms. Chea Lin
Orang Jahat - Eisen Yung Yung Jai

Sorry ar... You both jadi my Ke Le Feh...
So, if I kena MacBook Air or other prices, please claim your dinner from me...
He he he~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

HP Pavilion DV2 Series

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I kinda love this netbook because it comes with an AMD core and I heard it works decently on Windows Vista... Have a look!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Stuffs...

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Today, I accompanied my parents to walk around Ipoh Parade...
Such a long time didn't really spend time with them since I was jailed in Kampar...
Since, I've been released but still need to pay a visit to UTAR Penjara~

So, today I bought a new handphone strap which is kinda cute, clean and handy...

Teddy Lover Handphone Strap = RM 2.50

Another item which I didn't intend to buy but my father said it's cute and from Chea Lin's inspiration of keeping coins from your wallet, I decided to purchase it since it's kinda cheap...

Japanese-looking-postbox tabung = RM 4.50

Then, I bought something pirated and kinda illegal also...

Mac OS X Leopard iATKOS V1.0 for PC DVD= RM 15

Sorry har, Mr. Steve...
Who ask you didn't make Mac for PC. So have to emulate it into Windows instead via iATKOS, Kalyway and other OSX86 emulators... He he he...

Oh... Indulging myself on my own dessert!

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See that?
My vanilla ice-cream, freshly cut strawberries and chocolate chips~


Title: Synthesis of vanilla ice-cream with strawberry and chocolate chips.

Objectives: To process a simple dessert which can be consume anytime.


This dessert is very easy to make unless you have a lots of money to spend on Baskin Robbins, Secret Recipes and other dessert shops which is 'high class'... In order to save money (for the sake of world economy *WTF*, we must conserve our pocket money (especially for varsity students where our reference books sucks our precious $$$) it is simple to make such delicious, cheap and healthy dessert at your home.

Materials: A tub of ice-cream with your own choice (Vanilla is the best of all!), Strawberry (other fruits like oranges and etc can be added), chocolate chips.

Apparatus: Spoon, knife, your lucky bowl...

  1. First, buy those things from shops. For cheaper materials, go to Tesco lar~ :P
  2. Grab a bowl and fill a few scoops of ice-cream.
  3. Cut your 6 strawberries/person which your own favourite shape.
  4. Decorate it with chocolate chips and so on... Maybe can find a flower nearby you, pluck it and put it beside your bowl... ><
  5. In the end, go to your couch, in front of your notebook/TV/whatever and consume the synthesis.

With such methods, we can save our money... Better than going to expensive and exquisite places like Secret Recipe, Indulgence (Ipoh) and other places you can name but you can't afford. Kampar is a free place to have such moment especially after rainy days. You can eat your dessert while looking at the hills on Kampars as if you are in Cameron Highlands.... See? Free and easy...


You get a bowl of nice, cold, delicious, healthy and cheap dessert at your own home and moments.

References: Maybe you can find something nicer than this dessert at


Saturday, April 18, 2009

MIA For Whole One Month In Kampar!

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Now you see me...

... now you don't!

issing In Action...
M.I.A.~ (pronouced as Mee-ee-aa...)

Sorry guys for being MIA a lot since couples of weeks and I'm going to MIA again from Kampar during study week and exam weeks also because I want to go back to my hometown to study...

Kinda missing my family members a lot since my mum had her spinal problem...

So, see you guys (fellow coursemates) at Mr. Lee extra statistics class and not forgetting...

EXAM DAYS~ *giving you guys a horrifying moment*

Ah Lok: WTF?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've Been Tagged. So Are You By Me!

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1. Kalau anda jadi orang terkaya di dunia?
So what? I doesn't mean I'm going to become prime minister of the world... ><

2. Kalau anda jadi orang terseksi di dunia?
Err, sexy ar??? I afraid people rape me wor... LoLz~

3. Kalau anda perlu terjun tingkat ke-100 untuk membuktikan cinta anda?
See whether it's worth or not... (Mostly, it's not worth to do because I love my life!)

4. Kalau orang kata blog anda teruk nak mampus!
Fcuk off then lar~ No people taking a gun and point at you to see my blog!

5. Kalau keluarga anda yang menentukan teman hidup anda.
Maybe I may agree on that in some circumstances...

6. Kalau tiada lagi hari esok?
I'll do the last thing which I want to do in my whole life...

7. Kalau orang yang anda benci berada di depan anda?
Ignore him and if he/she talk to me, I show my ><>

8. Kalau anda berpeluang masuk Fear Factor dan makan benda2 pelik?
Yes! That's such challenges I will do!

9. Kalau ibubapa anda tiada pada pagi esoknya?

10. Kalau anda berjumpa dengan orang artis/selebriti yang paling anda minati?
Erm, just have an autograph, camwhore a bit, have breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner with him/her...
Normal things lar but not so addictive until I pegang the celebrities's leg and stare and scream!!!

11. Kalau diberi lesen untuk membunuh, siapa yang akan anda bunuh?
Got such lesen ar, the world will be the world that I don't want to live!

12. Kalau orang kata anda kacak/cantik?
Ah! Sememangnya saya... ~ (tak payah saya teruskan my sentences!) *giggling*

13. Kalau anda ada penyakit AIDS pada usia yang muda?
Cis, sumpah saya ada penyakit!

14. Kalau anda berpeluang menikmati makan malam yang romantik?
Appreciate the time to romance, love and compassion with my sayang...

15. Kalau anda terpaksa mengorbankan cinta anda untuk orang lain?

16. Kalau anda memenangi anugerah? Dan anugerah apa yang anda inginkan?
... Anything but not those awards which are crap! (I got a crap award before and make me angry but it's just fun... >..<)

17. Kalau anda berpeluang mengahwini bangsa asing? Bangsa asing mana yang anda inginkan?
Thai & Orang Putih...

18. Kalau anda terpaksa berpisah dengan orang tersayang?
*sob sob*

19. Kalau ramai yang tidak puas hati dengan anda kerana mereka cemburu dengan anda?
Cemburu lar~ Anda hanya membazirkan masa untuk menaruh perasaan cemburu kepada saya. Saya tak hilang ape-ape pun!

20. Mengenai orang yang tag kamu ni?
Dia ar... Ini orang saya jumpa dalam class geh dan tiba-tiba sudah kenal... He He He!
First, more close on the waterfall trip lor...
Then, close to Irena and close to group of him...

21. i'm tagging
Erm, all my blog friends in my 'Places To Lepaking' and those who read my blog as well!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Little Nyonya (小娘惹) Mediacorp

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My sister bought the DVD of this drama... Fantastic drama from Mediacorp, Singapore. It a must-see drama because it portrays the meaningful culture of Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) from Malacca, Malaysia. The director really good in blending the mood of romance, courageness and conflict in this drama about a girl (act by Jeanette Aw). Here's the little synopsis about the drama:-


The story spans over 70 years, from the 1930s till the present day.

Huang Juxiang is born into a large Peranakan family where her mother is a mistress. She is gentle, beautiful and a fantastic cook. Due to a serious illness when she was 9 years old, Juxiang becomes a deaf-mute. Because of her handicap, she is ostracized by people. Right before the Japanese Occupation in Singapore, she is forced to marry Charlie Zhang, a rich Peranakan, and become his mistress. Juxiang resists the marriage and runs away from home. She then meets Yamamoto Yousuke, a young Japanese photographer, and after overcoming many obstacles, they finally get married and Juxiang gives birth to a daughter Yueniang. During the World War, Juxiang is tortured and both she and her husband die, leaving behind their 8-year-old daughter.

The orphaned Yueniang eventually walks to her grandfather's house on her own. Under the supervision of her grandmother, she learns to cook Peranakan dishes and sewing. She grows up looking exactly like her mother and is exceptionally beautiful. After the war, her maternal relatives who ran away to England to seek refuge return home. Yueniang ends up leading the life of her mother – always discriminated against, beaten up and tortured. She puts up with all these in order to protect her grandmother.

Yueniang's pretty looks incurs jealousy from her cousin and attracts the attention of many rich Peranakans. However, she only has eyes for penniless driver Chen Xi. Chen Xi actually comes from an educated and wealthy family. Yueniang's kindness, purity and persistence move Chen Xi and he falls deeply in love with her, and hides his identity to be with Yueniang. Unfortunately, their relationship is filled with many obstacles and difficulties. Under pressure from his family, Chen Xi is forced to marry Yueniang's cousin instead. Yueniang is then sold to a butcher, Liu Yidao.

Yueniang is unwilling to accept the fact that her life is always manipulated by others and decides to end her own life. Yueniang's strong personality impresses Liu Yidao and they become sworn siblings instead. Yueniang decides to choose her own path in life. She begins learning how to run a business and in the process, she is framed and ousted from her business. Despite the odds, she manages save her declining family business. Sadly, her love life has yet to begin a new chapter with no news about her love interest, Chen Xi.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why things change?

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Frankly speaking...
I'm really REALLY sad...
I want to cry out loud for for god sake...
I had a terrible feeling on my family and friends...
Nobody cares about me...
No one does...
I'm being dissappointed by both friends and family by making my world so alone...
Totally alone...

This week had been a bad week for me...
Really bad week for me...

On Monday...

I had a rush assignment for Pengajian Malaysia. Really hectic and stressful. Then, when I think about my statistics, I'm really worried about statistics... I try my best to revise on it until I just had 4 hours sleep on that day...

On Tuesday...

I still rush to understand and complete my revision on statistics. Thank God that Irena help me through with some complications... Really she's been my angel for these few days...

But still what's happening to my friends? They are as if abandon me... Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong? I just keep my pace with them... Whenever they want me I'll be there and whenever they want to repel me, I will step aside and be alone... I don't want to rant or argue with them because I don't want to lose friends and make enemy...

All I ask is I need your supports, my dear friends...

On Wednesday...

Finally, I finish revising my Chapter 5 and feel confidence on the test on that day... Thanks again Irena for taking time helping a few tough questions... About my friends, I hope they can do well too but again, I was afraid to approach them as I don't know what's in their minds...

In the end, after the test, I was devastated with the questions... Totally a nightmare for me! During the exam, I remember Chapter 5 about testing the confidence intervals but my mind was blank on Chapter 6, hypothesis testing... Then, one of my friends said the OE table won't come out but in the end, it does... I wonder in future, should I trust the news or I trust my instinct... That part I don't care because I'm going to flunk my stats test (AGAIN) and I don't blame my friends for the news because it's not their fault too. I need to prepare for the worst like last year Calculus & Algebra...

That day, I was being scold by my group member as if I need them to adjust their time for me... Frankly speaking, I gave space for you all to choose and when you guys already set the time and venue, please don't change them or suddenly pop-up last minute announcement to me... It's hard for me to change my schedule and I'm very tired. Actually on that day, I really want to faint down after statistics class but I can control myself and take a short rest on that day. To Chea Lin, I'm not going to blame you for telling me the event on last minute. You are forgiven but please do not make the same mistake twice...

On Thursday & Friday...

I still carry on to work the statistics assignment with PHStat. Although my group members are not so familiar with that statistics program, I help them so we can finish the questions by the time... I hope that I can fulfill my task as a group member... I've put full effort on it...


I took a quite rest for the weekend and do some housechores before I leave Kampar... I'm alone and really I'm scared because tomorrow is Ching Ming (The Spirit Day For Chinese)... I come back to Ipoh and wait at Medan Kidd for my sister to pick me up... In Medan Kidd, I felt unease not because with people around me... I felt something spooky and I want to get out from that place... I had a harsh feeling that telling me to go home as soon as possible...

That time, my instinct keep telling me to go even my sister hasn't arrive. At last, she came with my mum (after they shopped at Jusco). When I enter her car, I sensed a cold feeling in my sister. Something isn't right when I hear her speak...

Then at home, my mum had a little argument with my sister. I wonder what's wrong with my sister as she's emoing with everyone and didn't speak a single word. I know she's mad on something but she won't tell me and my parents. My parents voice out said they are hurt and sad by her actions... That time, I felt my homecoming today won't be a nice one...

I attempt to ask her but she scold me instead. My heart really broken as I see my family in bad shape... I thought I can see the cheerful atmosphere in family whenever I'm back from Kampar but it went to the opposite way...

I cried while I write this blog and I still feel sad about myself... Why am I positioned in such situations where I need myself to be alone and selfish... I can't stand on my own anymore and I want to break out from everything.

So, why things happens so fast until I cannot catch up with them? I'm so tired, sad and devastate right now and I hope my God can give me a peace for me...

For my friends, after reading this post, I hope you guys can understand my problem and give me support. If you find that my sayings is totally wrong, just ignore it and don't keep it in your heart. Just think that I'm wrong about you all... Please, don't have the bad impression that I don't like to be friends with you. I'm not blaming or angry anyone but just I can't express my feelings and mood lately due to some problems...

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