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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice & Merry Christmas

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I know it's quite late to say the "Tong Yuan" season but it's never too late to wish here.


I got this shot on my own during making tong yuan with my uni buddies. If you want to see what did we do, click here on my Facebook album. I'm quite lazy to upload them into Flickr as I'm pumping a lot of photo into it. So, it's essentially for my blog entry only.

Not forgetting the upcoming event on this Saturday...


It seems that next week is the starting of another semester break. For your information, I'm not having any of it because my final year project is still active. Better version, I'm getting busy to finish off my experiments and start writing thesis.

Yesterday, after the Tong Yuan event, I cycled around my housing area and found out most of Kamparians (particularly UTAR students) has gone back to their hometown. Neither Christian nor non-Christian, they take the event as a holiday as what I've said, semester break. So, early of yesterday I got a call from my mum asking me that I want to go home for the Tong Yuan celebration or not. Because currently, I've some experiments ongoing, I can't leave yet. Kinda sad that I have to absent myself for the event.

And last Tuesday, it was my mother's birthday. At least, I've celebrated her big day earlier. Anyhow, yesterday my mood was going down and I felt homesick. I was thinking how am I gonna balance myself later on if I work outside of my hometown. I will be devastated with such feelings. It is bad. Very bad ones. I can go mad for a week if I kept myself in that state.

Sigh. Eventually, I still can hold my stress and keep strong to face the coming days.

By the way, there's something new here.

I think not all Malaysians like to use this social networking called Myspace. So, tadaa! I got mine so look out at it from here or clicking the link on the top bar of this blog. It's kinda different than Facebook but I will try out the site.

It will be simple.

Why I make myself a Myspace account?

Two reasons. One, I'm going to remove my Friendster account once when I save out all my stuffs from there. Two, my "brilliant" Malaysia government proposed to banned Facebook from Malaysia because they scared Malaysians condemned the government with so-called racist and threatening post. Shit on the person who propose such idiotic idea. They are worse than people who are thinking in the box. I think they are not using their brains at all.

So, you can banned it anytime but I will confirm that I will start condemning the government in whatever internet post out that I can find. Blog, twitter, myspace and whatever. I'm serious so don't provoke me making such moves. You don't want create another Namewee version people. So, back off.

*I sounds like shouting at you because I use the word "you". I'm referring to the Malaysia government, not you my dear, lovely readers. Muacks :)

A bientot!
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