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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Day 3: Cho'sam' (Cho 3)

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Taking chance to transfer my torrents via ethernet cross-cable...

See? It affordable and easy to setup... Requires networking skills to do so!
[Refer here to learn how to make files transfer via cross-cable]

Back to my Cho 3... Having barbecue! My mum did some of them before the party starts!

Chicken Barbecue + Honey

Nothing special here and I have no chance to take pictures around during the party.

Sorry peeps! That's all for my CNY 2009!

Hope you guys enjoy my blog posts in Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Day 2: Cho'yii' (Cho 2) [Nighttime]

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I had dinner at Rainbow Restaurant (Menglembu) around 9 pm. Can consider the dinner as supper liao~

Here's my first dish~


Then, the usual dish for CNY. Lou Sang.

I got mine on a small plate...

My mum brought her chestnut soup... Nice~

Regular vegetarian dish
(Broccoli, Mushrooms etc.)

Ginger Chicken

Steamed White Fillet

Last but not least...
Longan quench


Here's a quick shot of the restaurant...

So, next post is on Cho 3!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year Day 2: Cho'yii' (Cho 2) [Daytime]

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My cousin brother's son saw a Chinese New Year TV show and he started to dance with his own style...

Kinda cute~

Not posting anything coz nothing special on Cho 2 daytime...

Heading to Cho 2 Nighttime~


Monday, January 26, 2009

Tag From Jensen!

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There's somone call JENSEN tag me in Chinese New Year...
My first time being tagged in my life time...
So, peepers, here's mine:-

1. I'm a boy. (Isn't it obvious WTF!)
2. I'm have a desktop as a server and a notebook as a PC on the go.
3. I spend a lot on my tech stuffs. So, I'm money'less
4. I'm the only son in my family.
5. I check my desktop and notebook everyday on emails, torrents, facebook, friendster, blogs and AR forum.
6. I can't and don't take alcoholic drinks.
7. I wear shirts with buttons. (Padinis)
8. I like, admire and play music.
9. I'm fond with photographs.
10. I hate stuffs that irritates my eyes (practically covers all aspects)
11. I'm single and unavailable.
12. I like vanilla but I hate chocolate.
13. I wish to become a scientific contributor in laboratory field.
14. I hope I can save those who are unlucky ones.
15. I like to help people.
16. I like chicken. (Food)
17. I want to become a researcher in science.
18. I hope my illness won't come back in the mean time.
19. I laugh a lot and non-stop.
20. I care people who deserve to be cared but those who are not, I won't give a damn.
21. I'm a family-first guy.
22. I wish I can study in my lifetime.
23. I wish to have a mini laboratory in my house. >.<
24. I bite my nails a lot.
25. Emm, last line? I wish the future would be better than now!

(Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!)

Chinese New Year Day 1: Cho'yat' (Cho 1) [Nighttime]

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At night time, I'm having steamboat...
What's that? It's Bak Kut Teh soup-based steamboat! Nobody does it anyway but you may try this authentic way!
So, peeps... That's my Cho 1.

Heading to Cho 2~


Chinese New Year Day 1: Cho'yat' (Cho 1) [Daytime]

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At last, the Chinese New Year of 2009 arrived!

Really happy but this year, I expect less angpow. Haiz~

So, fellows... As I promised for the pix, here you go~

Camwhore while I go to the vegetarian restaurant~

With my sister's help on camwhore...

My sister's turn... (Beautiful, ain't she? >.<)

Another silly cam for us both!

Actually, we are heading towards the restaurant and we are late 1/2 hour...
Luckily, we call them about our lateness.

When we arrived there...

Ohmigosh! There's too many people!

We can 't find a table for ourselves.


We need to cancel our reservation since a waiter said no tables and if you're served, we have to wait for 1 hour to get our dishes! WTF~

So, we headed to...

Guess where we were heading to?



WTH! It's my first time to have brunch (breakfast + lunch) on Cho 1!

Creative or not?

So, I had...

Prosperity Chicken Burger
(Damn spicy and hot, not my type of burger I would like to have since the day is hot!)


Spring french fries!
(This is a limited edition fries every year. I won't miss it!)

Not forgetting my...

McFlurry + Oreo!

(Coz the burger is damn hot, I need something to lower my tongue's temperature before it burned and swollen)

Emm, nice? Finally, I add some Coke on it but I'm not going to take a pix on it coz it looks like mud ... but not for me~ Yummy!

Next post on the night of Cho 1!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Family Reunion Dinner: Nin'saya'baat (Chinese New Year's Eve)

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(This is not for Christmas... My mum want to fill some funky lights on it and show off her bonzais)

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and I'm
super darn happy about it.

This year, it's the first time I took pictures for Chinese New Year and
plan to camwhore around for the week of CNY!

So peeps, here's the pictures on my family reunion dinner at Kimbali Restaurant on Chinese New Year's eve.

Let's the pictures to say the words~

Wondering what's this?

How about this? You may know this:- Lou Sang but what the connection with the 'thing' above?

Ha, peeps! We eat the lou sang with a piece of rice sheet in Vietnam style. Known as Vietnam rolls!

See that?

The best dish for today: Tou Foo With Seaweeds!

One of my favourite in Kimbali menu: Lemongrass Fried Chicken!

My family favs: Spicy & Sour Braised Pork Leg

Here's the summary of the main dishes...

Eh, I missed one here~ I'm not so fond with this dish due to its taste:- 7 Prosperity Vegetable.

After we had our dinner, we decided to pay a visit to a Fun Fair which is nearby my residence. My mum played a lot and spend over RM 1XX and we got so MANY plushies and stuffs. Worthless on pockets but worthful in family bond. Really had fun with my family here!

Peeped enough? There's more, buds! Wait for my next post tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UTAR Nightline

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Just another PS I did for fun... Long time I had such view in Kampar but it's nice to see them regularly!

Friday, January 16, 2009

USB Drive

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The best USB Drive from China.
Sure cheap but no refund!
Don't worry that you can't use it...
It's still can blink at least!

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