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Friday, February 28, 2014

5 months of transformation

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Well, we've passed February 2014 today. The New Year and Chinese New Year of 2014 just passed by *snap like that, in a blink of eye or whatever terms that describe time moves fast. Anyway, back to the story from the previous blog post, I've mentioned that I was transforming myself from the fat, geeky, boring dude into something new right?

Yeah, my old me. Back in 2012 when I was in a vacation with my colleagues at Cameron Highlands. Great place as always in my top vacation sites list. See that bump? That's a fat bump.

And now...

Jeng jeng jeng...

Sorry for not showing my front because it's still under construction. The abs and chest part is quite hard for me and that more effort and duration to build. Anyway, if you wanna know more (or peek on my frontals *gosh sounds awkward, just head yourself to my Bodyspace. All my progress including workout histories and photos are there for more info. It's like a Facebook place just that this site is for those who are enthusiastic about gym; let's say a gym freak like me. Yeah, I'm totally addicted to gym now.

From 95 kg, I dropped my bodyweight until 80 - 82 kg and I think I hit my limits as the measurement is more likely buffering at that range. The important one is that my bodyfat percentage has dropped from 23% to 16%. I've hit my target partially for my bodyweight but my bodyfat is still in progress as its goal is 8%. Fuh, another 8% to lose.

Not forgetting that I would like to thank to my new gadget for giving me opportunity to shot better pictures of my selfies. 

Why do I thank it while I'm the one who pay for it? *weird moment *move along

Nokia Lumia 1020. My latest addition in my tech family. 41 megapixels. And I'm still doubt its gigantic sensor but it delivers its promise though. More review next time on it.

So, back to my story. Ahem, where am I? Oh yeah, my brags about my 5 months of transformation. I'm currently on a program called "12 Weeks Daily Trainer with Kris Gethin" and I've almost going to enter the third month.

Credits to & whoever 'patented' this banner

So far, the workouts are quite good, not that intense and I learned a lot from this program. Just that I need to maintain my motivation level up to par so that I won't give up easily. I have several times that those soreness from my muscle from hamstrings, calves and other parts of major muscles causes most of my weekends bedridden.

Practically, I can't go anywhere but to stay on bed while taking time to recuperate and having some casein shakes to improve my situation. When comes to that, we are gonna move on to my nutrition.

During October & November 2013, I made myself eating mostly fruits like apple and banana during morning and lunch while I was testing out fat burners. As I mentioned on my previous post, I've changed my fat burner to a better one (I think). Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

This babe is a real deal and I would recommend this even for beginners. As long as you can tolerate high caffeine intake and the jitterish feeling daily, you will like this product. Back to normal intake, I added my nutrition with more fiber from oat. Uncooked oat to be precised. I just dunk 3 tablespoons of it into my cereal or shakes.

When I started my program on early December, I stopped my fat burner and move on into taking high protein. Hence, whey protein and casein come in.

Platinum Hydrowhey and Gold Standard 100% Casein from Optimum Nutrition. As planned, these proteins help me in building up lean muscles and possibly help me shred fat too. For your infomation, whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein which can be taken before or after workout and casein is a slow one and only can be taken before heading to bed. Both are proteins but different rate of absorption. They are not cheap but helps me a lot when comes to repairing micro tear of muscle fiber which causes the soreness and pain I had..

This fish oil supplement comes as an additional supplements. It's from Optimum Nutrition by the way. Well, that's wrap up my nutrition and supplements status quo from me. In future, I might add CLA and creatine and just see how my pocket money goes as expenses on proteins don't come cheap.

For now, I will keep going on and on as long as I kept my motivation level as I started from my transformation. My target:-

Jay Ryan's body is my current target. And his style too.

Hot, isn't he (and she)? Not to sound gay-ish but anyhow, I want to have such style. Soon!

So, just wait for another 4 months and finger-crossed that I will have that by then. Let's wait patiently and I will see you next post then. Signing off!

Me and my sister during CNY 2014
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