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Monday, May 4, 2009

Chipster Contest - Chipstrix!

Another submission of Chipster superstar contest...
This time, there's a new ke-le-feh!
Introducing the cast:

Neo - Myself
Trinity/Saloon Gal - Siok San
Bad guy - *Thian Thian*~

So, if you like it, have a look on the video and the other 3 videos also at my previous post. Vote for me on 9 - 19 June to support me!

By the way, I have the last chance to submit my videos, so guys which one do you like the most? James Bond? Pirates Of The Carribean? Star Wars? Or The Recent Ones, Matrix? Advice me and you can tell me which cast you want to put either your friends or if you brave enough, YOURSELF!

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