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Saturday, October 27, 2012


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Pasion  (pas · sion) noun - Meaning having deep emotion and willingness to achieve something like goal, dream and target with meaningful reason beneath it. 

Everyone has his/her own dreams and in order to achieve, passion comes to play the role. Dreams without passion are merely meaningless journey.

After a distance of my new journey, I began to release that I started to miss, or to say, forget my passion and they were recently came back into my consciousness whenever I see the world. It has been a very very long time that I immerse those also-forgotten passions that were burning in my soul which define and characterise me a lot since I was small.

Currently, my passion towards further studies still the main ones as I have made my next step ahead. Hopefully it turns out at least by next year or the other depending on my decision.

Music. The first long lost passion that I always remember. Since I was small, my mother enrolled my sister for music class to ease her children with healthy activities. I remembered that I was around 5 years old, still in the kindergarten sulking with rants when my mother decided to enroll her only.

To be fair, my mom finally put me into the music as well. Astonishingly, I like it very much. From there, I found my first talent in music. Frankly speaking, playing music is like doing lab practicals and therefore comes the test part: Theory.

It's not easy to do it as I was having bad time with my English and lazy to count (as those beats and some rhythmic notations requires simple maths). So, I always stranded myself in theory. Didn't take any test on theory so just took a few test on Organ test. By the way, I started to learn music using an Organ.

Due to time allocation, I told my mom to try piano lesson as well. Logically, once you know how to read the scripts and press the keys from Organ, it's a definite that you can do it as well in piano. Just remembering that the key pressed in piano has its own pressure which leads to the quality of the key hit. Loud, soft or crisps like staccato move.

As I was 12, my mom told me that if I got myself a full A's in my first major examination (UPSR for locals), she will buy me an digital piano which comes with expensive price tag. In the end, I didn't get it. And anyway, I save her money...

Too bad. Plus, I had my music class stopped in order to focus myself back into full time study.

For now, I'm working now and I can afford to have one as the price for a regular digital piano is quite affordable. So, if depends now this passion will decide my next move? Or not?

Photography. Another indeed a passion that I profound in secondary (high) school when I was 16. It started when some of my seniors invited me to join in the club. Hence, new things to be learnt and we have some photo-shooting jobs whenever the school held events. From there, the supervisor of the club taught me a few extra things and  my passion for photography started from there.

I own a digital camera which bought by my mother and it's a Kodak. I chose Kodak as its chip was kinda good back then and the camera is user-friendly. When I started to hold a DSLR, things change and I'm currently eyeing on Nikon and Sony Alphas. So, from photography this blog is kinda initially come with it as you can see I had quite a number of pictures taken by myself (mostly except those credited by their respective owner).

For time being, I have no investment in photography but hopefully I can do it in future time. It's not a cheap passion to be chased anyway, just an interest I had. Having a decent phone that has a good MP is good enough for me to take photo and share in my social networking.

Cooking. Perhaps I was being trained by my mum or the taste buds of mine prefers me to do it on my own, I enjoy cooking. Spicy, sour, sweet, salty. And I fond of herbs. They simply amazed eaters without additional flavoring. In fact, no salt or sugar is used. I began to cook when I saw my father prepared omelette himself. From there, I pick up pans, little bits of oil and an egg.

I keen to learn cooking from my mom whenever she cooks. Unless, those dishes were cooked repetitively. I tried several cooking by referring recipes from internet sites and book. There's a person who inspires me a lot in cooking:- Jamie Oliver. One word: Simple. He cook things with simple ingredients yet creating a meal that is marvellous. I haven't got enough money to buy all his cooking books as I intended to.

I'm also a person who likes to try at new places (eventhough I'm almost broke). I have a few buddies who like to test tasting from one place to another and rate the place. So, anytime (if my wallet still allows me to unfill it) I would be glad to taste and give my own personal opinion. And I'm serious when comes to good and bad in food.

Art. I do it whenever my mood kicks in. Erm, where should I start about my art. Oh yeah, I fond with art during my primary and secondary school. I think it was fun and a place to be creative and imaginative when our hand holds a pencil, crayon, paint or pastel and starts to dribble on a piece of white canvas. It was simply a calm situation for me to draw without guides but my thoughts.

Not much I can talk about my art as I kept my art brushes, pencil colors and pastel aside quite a long time. I should get a new ones if I intend to make an art in future. Perhaps, painting for  my own house.


Overall, you can see that I'm quite an artistic person, not a science geek. Just that, I need energy and time to do these things. For me, science stuff is my backbone in my 20s till 50s as I'm depending on it to earn my major income. I planned to stop doing things in science when I reach my pension years and wish to set up a cafe on my own.

So, do you have a passion that burns your heart to do it?
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