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Saturday, January 19, 2013

After 12 years

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Hey guys. I'm really into hiatus mode as daily chores and work keeping me up quite busy recently. Anyway, I would like to jot down something you guys for an update.

Remember my post about 'Pasion' that I wrote about myself regarding what I'm interested to do in the past and future? Yeah, I got myself something.

Something expensive yet I have waited for the past 12 years to get one on my own.

See something black there? Yeah, I got it. My 2013 bonus just cut half for that price tag. Why I choose it? Actually it wasn't part of my plan for 2013 but my colleague mentioned that he bought something from a local music store. CK Music. In December 2012, they were making a promotional period where items were discounted and I checked out the piano section.

They sell Korg brand which I heard of but not that familiar. I've played digital piano from Yamaha, Casio and Roland but not Korg. I checked out forums and sites about this brand. It turns out there are some quite good review as they are well-known stage musical instrument provider.

I looked on the list of digital piano they offered and I came out with my decision. Actually two. SP170 and LP350.

Differences? SP170 is much more affordable but it's bulkier, lesser sound preferences and effects, hidden preset where we need to press the keys to access modes like changing sound and tuning and this piano offers sustain pedal. Somehow, it's portable as I tried to lift the piano. It's light.

On the other hand, LP350 is more sleeker, space savvy, 30 sounds with reverb, touch and chorus selection, built-in metronome and 3 pedals. The 3 pedals are quite important to me if I want to go for music class again. I can't deny I like its design and there's one little feature that really look cool. The hatch that enclose the keys has a soft closure, meaning that we just close it halfway and leave it close on its own smoothly. Can't get it, see the video here.

The keys were weighed as if they were keys from upright or grand piano, giving out the real expression of touching almost precise, feeling of a real hammered key from uprights or grand piano. They called it "Real Weighted Hammer Action 3".

From the super duper long description above, it's clearly that my decision would be LP350. At the first place, I want the white one but after a few looks from the piano in the showroom, the dust is much more visible. They offered other colour which is black. The other colors which are not offered in Malaysia is:-

Red. As if it was made from lipstick.

Ivory white. This one is interesting as it gives out wheat white colour with leather emboss. And it's limited edition.

Why I chose a digital piano? Well, I learnt to play piano using a digital one and I felt better. They are much lighter compares to an upright. Digital piano does not require tuning and maintenance from pest like termite and fungal growth due to high humidity in Malaysia. Electric doesn't eat your wallet much compares to its maintenance. One maintenance costs more than changing your engine oil. Other words, the price for upright, cheapest is about RM 6000 to 8000. Even for those refurbished piano, they cost at least RM 4000.

Digital piano? The decent and stylish looking like mine just cost me not more than RM 3000. And it smaller and can give performance just like an upright up to its par. The only one thing that I can say bad about digital piano is if there's not electricity, it won't function and the piano goes off when its electronic parts spoilt.

So, I got it about one month and so far, the piano is indeed a new companion in my life. After await for 12 years since my mom didn't bought me one because I didn't passed on her expectation, finally I got one on my own. Why I want to get  it one now, this time? My answer: I don't know but believe it or not, it's like a calling for me to get one and this decision that I need to fulfil in part of my life.

For the next one, I think I won't be using my money that often as I have another major plan. Planning to get a hybrid car in another 5 years time where my salary can afford a loan for a RM 95k to 130k as for the price of a current hybrids.

These are my options:-

Toyota Prius c TRD Sportivo 1.5cc. RM 103,990.

Honda Insight 1.3cc. RM 99,800.

Honda CR-Z (M) 1.5cc. RM 111,488.
(If I'm still single)

Toyota Prius 1.8cc. RM 129,000.
The highest end that I can afford.

Why my next plan on getting a hybrid? First, hydrid save petrol usage which greatly reducing my money in paying the tank. Second, these cars are environmental friendly as they emits lesser CO2 combustion. Third, they can work alone as an electric vehicle, EV where they move quietly and no petrol use at least 10 km. Great for short distance travelling without using a single drop of petrol.

If Malaysia plan to get an EV with affordable price tag, I'm hoping for Nissan LEAF.

A total EV vehicle without tailpipe. Zero combustion, zero emission. I hope that this car can take more than 160 km per charge and battery replacement from using lithium to sodium. This would make the battery price drop significantly hence the price of the car.

I would like a time travel machine to see my future decision leads me to. One step another step I presume. Just like I get a piano after 12 years. So, I would like to wrap up here peeps. Good night and good day ahead for tomorrows.
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