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Friday, February 28, 2014

5 months of transformation

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Well, we've passed February 2014 today. The New Year and Chinese New Year of 2014 just passed by *snap like that, in a blink of eye or whatever terms that describe time moves fast. Anyway, back to the story from the previous blog post, I've mentioned that I was transforming myself from the fat, geeky, boring dude into something new right?

Yeah, my old me. Back in 2012 when I was in a vacation with my colleagues at Cameron Highlands. Great place as always in my top vacation sites list. See that bump? That's a fat bump.

And now...

Jeng jeng jeng...

Sorry for not showing my front because it's still under construction. The abs and chest part is quite hard for me and that more effort and duration to build. Anyway, if you wanna know more (or peek on my frontals *gosh sounds awkward, just head yourself to my Bodyspace. All my progress including workout histories and photos are there for more info. It's like a Facebook place just that this site is for those who are enthusiastic about gym; let's say a gym freak like me. Yeah, I'm totally addicted to gym now.

From 95 kg, I dropped my bodyweight until 80 - 82 kg and I think I hit my limits as the measurement is more likely buffering at that range. The important one is that my bodyfat percentage has dropped from 23% to 16%. I've hit my target partially for my bodyweight but my bodyfat is still in progress as its goal is 8%. Fuh, another 8% to lose.

Not forgetting that I would like to thank to my new gadget for giving me opportunity to shot better pictures of my selfies. 

Why do I thank it while I'm the one who pay for it? *weird moment *move along

Nokia Lumia 1020. My latest addition in my tech family. 41 megapixels. And I'm still doubt its gigantic sensor but it delivers its promise though. More review next time on it.

So, back to my story. Ahem, where am I? Oh yeah, my brags about my 5 months of transformation. I'm currently on a program called "12 Weeks Daily Trainer with Kris Gethin" and I've almost going to enter the third month.

Credits to & whoever 'patented' this banner

So far, the workouts are quite good, not that intense and I learned a lot from this program. Just that I need to maintain my motivation level up to par so that I won't give up easily. I have several times that those soreness from my muscle from hamstrings, calves and other parts of major muscles causes most of my weekends bedridden.

Practically, I can't go anywhere but to stay on bed while taking time to recuperate and having some casein shakes to improve my situation. When comes to that, we are gonna move on to my nutrition.

During October & November 2013, I made myself eating mostly fruits like apple and banana during morning and lunch while I was testing out fat burners. As I mentioned on my previous post, I've changed my fat burner to a better one (I think). Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

This babe is a real deal and I would recommend this even for beginners. As long as you can tolerate high caffeine intake and the jitterish feeling daily, you will like this product. Back to normal intake, I added my nutrition with more fiber from oat. Uncooked oat to be precised. I just dunk 3 tablespoons of it into my cereal or shakes.

When I started my program on early December, I stopped my fat burner and move on into taking high protein. Hence, whey protein and casein come in.

Platinum Hydrowhey and Gold Standard 100% Casein from Optimum Nutrition. As planned, these proteins help me in building up lean muscles and possibly help me shred fat too. For your infomation, whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein which can be taken before or after workout and casein is a slow one and only can be taken before heading to bed. Both are proteins but different rate of absorption. They are not cheap but helps me a lot when comes to repairing micro tear of muscle fiber which causes the soreness and pain I had..

This fish oil supplement comes as an additional supplements. It's from Optimum Nutrition by the way. Well, that's wrap up my nutrition and supplements status quo from me. In future, I might add CLA and creatine and just see how my pocket money goes as expenses on proteins don't come cheap.

For now, I will keep going on and on as long as I kept my motivation level as I started from my transformation. My target:-

Jay Ryan's body is my current target. And his style too.

Hot, isn't he (and she)? Not to sound gay-ish but anyhow, I want to have such style. Soon!

So, just wait for another 4 months and finger-crossed that I will have that by then. Let's wait patiently and I will see you next post then. Signing off!

Me and my sister during CNY 2014

Saturday, October 26, 2013


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Hey peeps. Another post from me in wee hours (practically the time now is 2.07 am) and I'm widely awake. I think it's due to something I started off in the early of this month that made me... erm... how should I put my word here?

Miraculously, insane, spontaneous decision?

I wouldn't think it will be in my 2013 to-do-list but in sudden, I decided to transform myself from fat to lean. Yeah, and believe of not, today marked me as the fourth week and I have set my goal within a year. I'm not sure how well I will go but I'm quite determined and persistent lately, perhaps due to exercise regimen which is practically everyday either I'm at gym (yeah, I go to gym now), swimming pool (don't sound surprised but I do know how to swim) and home.

I recalled my first gym session was during my varsity year, almost the end of my degree where one of my friend asked me to join him at campus gym. Back in those days, me and my friend were fat and well, overweight. So, I hit the gym twice a week but ending up I gave up due to muscle soreness, lack of motivation and I had a packed schedule with my final year projects and studies.

Well, I admit that I was lazy to go for an exercise. Maybe another reason I would blamed is the inadequate gym equipments in the campus gym as they have basic equipments, treadmills and a cross-trainer and sometimes, those equipments broke down.

Next, my sister enrolled herself to a gym which I would say it is (hopefully still) the best gym in town which located at Kinta City called Fitness Embassy. It has the most equipments I've seen so far and I was given privilege for 3 days free pass to go there. I was so excited until I worked out for almost 4 hours. My sister said that I was crazy and energetic. Anyhow, I ended up myself crash to bed after the gym session. Yes indeed it's cool to enrol there but when comes to the fee...

Yes, it's expensive and I don't have much money back then to hit such gym.

Afterwards, I kind of abandoning my exercise since then until recently. Maybe I made my decision to quick but I like to come out with unexpected ones as it gives me adventure. As I have started to work with UTAR, I didn't bother to go for an exercise or even a swimming session with my mum and sister. I was FB-ing a lot, taking sleeps on weekends, do my job on weekdays and the days just goes on and on.

In the early of this month, I've decided to make another life commitment: A transformation of my body.

I want to lose those 'spare tires' that I've seen since I was teenager.

I want to make my life better with healthy liver condition (I have a fatty liver condition btw).

I want my body to have lean, shredded muscles just like fitness model.

I want to look better.

But the word 'I want' doesn't come just like that. It's not a wishful thought anymore if I take the steps now, fast.

Hence, I told one of my good friend (also happened to be my colleague) to hit gym with him every Tuesday and Thursday. I make myself to go for a swim on Saturdays. I do crunches on the other days. In the end, this week has been the third week. I make myself to change diet until my parents worried and my colleagues teased me for being a sudden healthy freak. I even starved myself by resisting temptations from all around me. And heck, I still diet and exercise everyday in recent vacation.

I see results that makes me want more. More fat shredding. More lean muscle. At the same time, I had help from by setting up a Bodyspace account. This account has tracked all my exercise regiments, giving me guide on which exercises that I should do and focus on and for the first time, I picked up a supplement. A thermogenic weight-loss supp.

What is it actually? Based from various info, it is a kind of supplement that helps you to metabolise fat whether you workout or not while curb cravings and give some kick during workouts and reduce lethargic effects after exercise session. I got this Musclepharm Shred Matrix a try for about 1/2 to one month supply and the price is fine but will it works?

So far, I did feel something but I'm not sure what I'm felt because it is my first time taking supplements for gym. I remembered the first time I took it, I felt the energy kick as it has caffeine. And it was just one capsule. The whole bottle has a strong scent of berry, hence from the ingredient of raspberry ketone. I dared myself to take two capsules during afternoon (suggested use is 1-3 capsules before 30/45 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch) and the kick stays. It happens to be my gym day so I took another one capsule before I hit for exercise and heck, it works.

The verdict is I don't feel hungry and lethargic after gym session. There's one thing I noticed that I took about 4 bottles of 1.5L water throughout the day. I was a bit worried because I didn't go for toilet to pee quite frequently as the product mentioned that it has diuretic effects. Anyhow, I sweat a lot more that day.

On the second day, it's Friday and I do crunches. Yes, the energy still there but I was a bit hungry hence I take addition small meals like few pieces of crackers and some juices. That day, I took 2 during morning and 2 during lunch.

For today (it's Saturday), I did go for a swimming session but I took an extra. Same as on Friday but I popped another 2 before I swim. That counts the maximum intake of the supplement as recommended. I feel good and my energy level reduce just a bit. Yet, I crashed on my bed at 8 and woke up around 12 am till now. I still feel the energy and maybe, or just maybe, I would like to do another crunch session later before I go to sleep again (for your info, I had a crunch session right before I go to swim). Crazy or what.

Anyway, I still widely awake but started to have some yawns. This product still under evaluation as it says and I quote, "Visible changes in less than 2 weeks". Well, hope it does as it said. I'm gonna pop 3 capsules tomorrow for breakie and lunch and see how my body response. For now, my throat feels the acid reflux and I need to quench some water to reduce it. Gotta stock up some apples tomorrow and pray that this product does the job.

Well, you can monitor my progress from my Bodyspace as I will track all the exercise thingy that I do. Just like Twitter but it's for people who are obsessed with exercise and muscle. That marks my point here to stop and actually I still have errands to do now in the middle of midnight.

This is guy (Adam Charlton) by the way that inspired me the most now. I hope that I can achieve such lean muscle in future and retain the result. Not too bulky but just some nice muscle and definitely the six packs. The kind of body that attracts people's eye on beaches or elsewhere that I can be half naked.

Farewell and cross fingers to my transformation.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


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Hey guys. Another post has been delayed long time ago but feeling wanna spill my life event.

Since the last post, it has been few emotional months that I've been through. Decisions that would change my direction in my life. A sudden thought of migrating to Australia for better living and the plan has been stalled (notice here that I still have intentions to move out from Malaysia) due to immigration worries. Of course, If I'm moving out, it means I told my Master studies supervisor that I quit and ready to ditch a resignation letter to UTAR.

When this matter was over, me and my mom was planning to venture into food business as our main plan going to Melbourne is to open a cafe. Since my local area doesn't have such business before, it would be great to be the one. In the end, it turns out to be another stop. The price of a shop is darn hefty and cost a life. My mum couldn't afford to get one as predicted that the loan will be for life.

Anyway, in that period I was actually still giving myself the final decision: resignation. In the midst of packing up my things, my supervisor approached me and ask me to become her Master student again and she really have patience to let me decide again by giving me a month. I was puzzled, confused and worried with path would I choose.

Getting another job and leave my dream to have Master qualification or stuck myself, continue what I've done so far for 2 years, graduate again and find a new job? Indeed I want to look for other jobs as my career in UTAR has no job advancement and my salary increment is the least compares to my friends working outside with corporate and big companies. At the same time, my sister asked me to work outside for better salary, expand my career portfolio and get a Master studies in business and management.

In that time, I'm also worried that I'm not ready to face new challenge and have no new direction to look for.

Thus, I remained UTAR and proceed my studies as planned at the first place. Sorry for disappointing people who heard my news and those kinds of 'leaving' anticipation.

Last few weeks, there are few positive turnouts that I didn't expect to have.

Firstly, I'm going to get my first investment home in Kampar. This decision is made when I was looking rents which probably starts on upcoming January. My parents advised me to look for home as they would like to help to buy a house and become landlord instead of spending two or three years paying rents for a room. Yes, no more 'fake' surprises and it's in progress.

The second decision would be another life event. You might guess but I can't promise that this decision will be a success as I'm letting the nature takes its coarse and the decision that my fate lies.

That's it, folks. I might not be posting much but I hope I can do more in future. Anticipate more stories from me then and thanks for your patience!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Win or lose?

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Win or lose?

Today's topic is not about competition or contest. It's about conversation.

It is inevitable to ignore conversation and has becoming one of the important delivery mode among society in order to move and evolve, despite the addition of facial expressions and body languages. I'm not going to explain more about it but I would like to emphasise on healthy conversation. Making such conversation, we can boost up our knowledge and correct others from mistakes and misunderstanding. But what if a conversation turns into a debate, naturally?

Now, it's becoming a 'healthy debate'? I'm not sure there's such word but it's does not related to HEALTH  debates. So I hope I make it clear.

In order not to reveal anyone, I should mention the person as an acquaintance, A. There is a situation (hardly a situation where it happens quite often thought) where conversation starts like usual days. Conversation from hottest news in current society, political issues and others were the topics. When the time comes right, A will start to pop up with questions which leads to his disagreement.

We can't stop someone from disagreeing some points as they might speak up something which is true and making sense. Hence, people will evaluate the points based on their knowledge and experience. Some will agree and some will not.

The situation will get sticky when A starts to disagree all the way. A is a person who is consistent and bold with his words which most of people thinks it's a strength where else I think it's a flaw.


Simple, the statements made in the early talk were indeed true and understandable but A loves to start statements which are nonsense and disagreed by most of people in the conversation after a few moments. Suck isn't it when we had person like A to talk with? If there's someone who stop him, A will be more stern on his points and keep talking in order to support his stand. The 'someone' here would be me, mostly because I really can't stand a person who talk craps continuously and want to move the conversation back to positive manner.

Can you see the healthy conversation is turning into a debate? Luckily, it doesn't turn out to be an argument or else it would be a very bad moment for me and others. As a persistent person, A will not give up until he wins the 'debate'. When he does, he will eventually utter, "Yeah, I win!". And he likes it, very much.

I care less who the person wins or loses because it is a conversation in the beginning. It is him that make the whole thing became a debate. The 'conversation' ended abruptly and turns out to be uninteresting because of a participant like A. It's like passing a ball around and someone have the ball on his own and not passing it to others.

If he can't win the debates, A will bring something negative about his opponent in order to cover up his losse and try to get his winning back. It's more like competition, as I said like a debate.

I'm not sure A notices bad things were piling up to himself and it's not a good sign. No one will start to talk with him or bring him into conversation and it's kinda sad when he is not being invited, more likely as an outcast. If you can't win something, just lose it by accepting people's point of view but not with a person who thinks his points are definitely correct without doubts or indeed crap.

True or false, there is always a balance like Yin and Yang. Not everything will be the right ones and wrong. We have to understand there is a point of moderation on every 'Yes' and 'No'. We cannot be very bold on an issue or too soft by letting it go. Just go average, a balance.

About the winning and losing, it's not important to win everything as we human are not perfect to win every moments. First, don't anticipate to win or lose as we might be on either sides. Secondly, please do not declare yourself as a winner where people look at you as a "winner freak" and never ever proud of it. Lastly, do not back up your loses by pointing out someone's weaknesses and make it as a strong point. It will make others to hate you more and in the end, you will become a loner.

No conversation = No social life = Forever alone.

I don't want to voice out the criticism to such person as they will 'fight' for their stand eventually. The only way to curb this bad attitude is when everyone starts to point out this issue to him. Majority rules by the way.

When you are deemed to be in the losing side, just suck it up and be proud. Being a loser is not a bad idea as we will learn from mistakes and these experiences are invaluable and no one will teach us but time. Don't try to act up and end the conversation abruptly when you can't disagree more on people's voice. Pointing out someone weakness necessarily proofs that you are a person who lack of confidence and self-esteem. Not everyone can accept negative things when it's not the right time to be discussed.

Respect other's opinion and try to think twice before you speak. Every words matter. Voicing out your words is like throwing several stones in a pond. The lighter you throw, the wave produced are smooth. Same goes to your conversation, smooth conversation.

Here's a song for those who can't win. Just "let it be" and everything will be just fine. :)

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