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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Pandamic

Have you heard about Swine Flu?
It's another type of flu which are quite lethal but not as dangerous as H5N1 Flu because it's curable...
So, what is Swine Flu?
I came across it facts that they are siblings of H5N1 flu viruses but they are not lethal if immediate medication is seeked.
In today news, most of the Englishman countries such as Mexico, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are having an outbreak of this disease... So, kinda worry that it will reach South East Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore.
So, I've got some latest updates through Google Earth (Map) which has pinpoint the swine flu cases around the globe.

The disease starts from Mexico and reached USA...

Then, it came to European countries...

And last but not least, Australia and New Zealand. Luckily, Nicole came back to Malaysia after her visits from Gold Coast and Adelaide, Australia. So, hopefully she didn't contract the disease there and feel in pink back to Malaysia.

Soon, I hope the disease will not come to Malaysia because I'm still in bad condition. You know, liver problem...
So, I see another pinpoint was put on Hong Kong and my worried level going to increase (as my finals are increasing the level almost toward maximum point!).
So, hopefully, it can't reach to Malaysia.
Lucky for me, I dislike pork...

Do you know that, the organism I hate the most is viruses. They are not classified neither living nor dead organism. That's not the problem for being alive or not. The main problem is they tend to replicate themselves by injecting their DNA strands into poor petty living cells (including bacterias). Afterwards, the DNA will be undergo replication and plus, VARIATION to produce new, strong viruses of its kind! Hate them! After a few replications, they will lysis the cell and caused the host to die... Some DNA like HIV virus tend to make a template of its own DNA and insert into human DNA so that when suitable time comes, it will instruct its DNA strands to produce viruses... It's scary you know? I consider viruses is one thing which are not suppose to exist in this world because most of them, THEY ARE MEAN TO LIVING BEINGS!

So to my dearest family members, friends, blog readers and my twitter followers around the globe, take care yourself and don't caught up by swine flu because it's not going to be a nice day afterwards by having such stupid infection!

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