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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aisha Duo - Quiet Song

Hear my newest jukebox from
I discovered a song: Despertar from my own Windows Vista sample music...
At first, I didn't bother about it but my curiosity told me to play it...
It's like the background song when you walk around The Garden, Mid Valley, KL.

Very elegant place yet have such similar song...
So, for those who are fond with jazz, instrumentals and quiet song, I would recommend this song from its album, Quiet Songs...


Beneath an Evening Sky (Ralph Towner)
Children's Song No. 1
Children's Song No. 2
Children's Song No. 8
Children's Song No. 9
Children's Song No. 3
Children's Song No. 20
Children's Song No. 10
Children's Song No. 14
Sea, Subsurface
Ninna Nanna

Actually, the main instrument playing on the songs are xylophones...
Hardly knew such instruments would play elegent and high-class musics!
So, get it by downloads or somewhere you can get it 'free'...

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