How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh... Indulging myself on my own dessert!

See that?
My vanilla ice-cream, freshly cut strawberries and chocolate chips~


Title: Synthesis of vanilla ice-cream with strawberry and chocolate chips.

Objectives: To process a simple dessert which can be consume anytime.


This dessert is very easy to make unless you have a lots of money to spend on Baskin Robbins, Secret Recipes and other dessert shops which is 'high class'... In order to save money (for the sake of world economy *WTF*, we must conserve our pocket money (especially for varsity students where our reference books sucks our precious $$$) it is simple to make such delicious, cheap and healthy dessert at your home.

Materials: A tub of ice-cream with your own choice (Vanilla is the best of all!), Strawberry (other fruits like oranges and etc can be added), chocolate chips.

Apparatus: Spoon, knife, your lucky bowl...

  1. First, buy those things from shops. For cheaper materials, go to Tesco lar~ :P
  2. Grab a bowl and fill a few scoops of ice-cream.
  3. Cut your 6 strawberries/person which your own favourite shape.
  4. Decorate it with chocolate chips and so on... Maybe can find a flower nearby you, pluck it and put it beside your bowl... ><
  5. In the end, go to your couch, in front of your notebook/TV/whatever and consume the synthesis.

With such methods, we can save our money... Better than going to expensive and exquisite places like Secret Recipe, Indulgence (Ipoh) and other places you can name but you can't afford. Kampar is a free place to have such moment especially after rainy days. You can eat your dessert while looking at the hills on Kampars as if you are in Cameron Highlands.... See? Free and easy...


You get a bowl of nice, cold, delicious, healthy and cheap dessert at your own home and moments.

References: Maybe you can find something nicer than this dessert at


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