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Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitt Me!

Last few days, you see being offline on MSN...
I been introduced to use Twitter, a free social networking which very easy to use.
You just need to register yourself and insert your particulars for first timers.
Then, Twitter will ask you "What Are You Doing?"
For me, it just like a small diary or mini blog that I can reply ASAP...
By the way, you can follow other people twitts (in this context means updates) and if other people have interest to see your mini blog everyday, people will follow you back.

Twitter serves another additional features especially for those who blog and have high traffic visitors. For me, my average traffic visitors are 100 but after I used Twitter, my traffic increase up to 140 unique visitors. Suprise?
Twitter really boost my blog to a wider range of society...

So, here's my Twitter base camp!

For those who are interested, join this community!
Don't forget to FOLLOW me at the same time...

For those who doesn't like to go to web to twitts, I encourage you to use external software to twitts without your browser.
I use Twhirl on my desktop and it is very user-friendly...

That's Twhirl... Plus the wallpaper behind is featured by Nicolekiss who fulfill my request for her Gold Coast holiday pictures as wallpapers! Gonna download all her wallpapers around the globe!


Thanks Nicole!
For more, visit her latest post here on her getaways from Gold Coast, Australia!
So, join Twitter!

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