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Friday, October 2, 2009

Crocs "Works"

A few days ago, I spent my time with my parents for shopping at Kinta City Jusco, Ipoh. After a few walks, me and my dad sat on a bench which is just an opposite to Crocs shoes store. Crocs is quite a famous shoes retailler because of its design and function which gives a super comfort to the wearer.

Talking about its almost perfect shoe design, it comes with a hefty price. If not mistaken, a pair of regular Crocs shoe cost about RM 80... When I saw this price, my brain straightly inform me to walk out from the store. Not only me will act so because most of the visitors (cannot call them customers where they haven't purchase a thing yet) just stop by, have a view on the shop and doze off to other stores.

I'm attracted on this babe~ :P

In order to attract shoppers to come in the spot, they design a 5 feet Crocs shoe and display it outside the store. Kinda attracting because it looks abnormal. My story ain't talking about how special the gigantic shoe is. Instead, I recorded a video which is quite amusing where most of the shopper act as I said just now.

Attractive enough? I don't think so unless the store said, "80% discount for all items!". I'm sure the store will be emptied in a day with such promotion.

A bientot!

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