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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Based on previous addition on My Heroes Ability, in this second semester break, I'm addicted to Sci-Fi drama series... I'm already a 3 month Rapidshare subsriber and keep downloading dramas such as Smallville, the new Stargate chronicles: Stargate Universe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and much more.
First of all, Smallville is my favourite since its season one. Talking about the youth of Clark Kenk a.k.a. Superman or Kar-El until now, he can do anything except for one: Flying... XD. So, I think the story is kinda running away... erm, from the real story. I meant Kryptonians are appearing more than the old-fighting-scene with Lex Luthor: The main human villian in Superman chronicles.
Forget to say, Lex is dead in Season 8 but he's not there because his contract ended on Season 7.
By the way, Lana Lang is another supergirl after she had an Alien suit implanted in her body back to Season 8. Neh, she just dropping by in Smallville after she's done with the legendary Chun Li. But still, she's still Clark's #1 girlfriend.
Talking about Jimmy Olsen, he's dead too (I meant Aaron Ashmore ended his contract :P ) after he was killed by Davis Bloom (Doomsday) and Chloe is still grief about him... :(

Anyway, here's the new guy in Smallville chronicles...
Mr. Callum Blue. To be frank, it's weird to have such name but he's Englishman. He plays as General Zod, the destructor of planet Krypton but I haven't see him doing anything to destroy planet Earth. I might have to wait that moment in current season 9. :P
Hah, the rumoured artist, Brian Austin Grenn plays as a two episode Metallo. I wished he can stay longer or be apart of the Smallville main characters. He casted very well back in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.I missed Summer Glau too :*(
Smallville (CK) is kinda in halloween mood because his outfit is totally black except his family emblem, the 'S' with diamond shape outline which is in silver color. I always thought that Superman main colors are yellow, blue and the obvious red.

That's why I said, the story is way to far apart comparing to the original Superman life.

This sci-fi is kinda like Battlestar Galactica because they are taking the Stargate into space. A new board of stars and I only recognize one of them: Robert Carlyle back in 28 Weeks Later and Flood.
The story is kinda blur for those who are not a Stargate viewers but it's a nicer comparing to Stargate Atlantis.
The real addiction is this: Dollhouse. I know I'm a bit out dated due to my semester study and currently it's on Season 2. So, it's not too late to catch up, right? :) Just watched 5 episodes and kinda like Echo (Eliza Dushku).
The drama is talking about a bunch of people known as Actives who play as a doll whenever their mind is set for a certain characters. They are under a certain contract and won't remember a single thing on what they were doing previously. Cool sci-fi isn't it? :) But this poor Echo, her mind is getting the glimpse of self-consciousness and start to know her origin.
Amy Acker is playing a side roles on Dollhouse. I don't like her when she's a good girl in a drama. She looks kinda fishy and good on bad guys roles. Maybe I've watched Alias when she was the bad girl, Kelly Peyton who help the bad guys...
See that? She looks great as a bad girl. :P

Anyway, I like Sci-Fi series very much and hope there's more I can download in future. Upcoming, there's a Sci-Fi series on November called 'V'. Look for the trailer here and it might get yourself addicted too! :P

A bientot!

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