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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Family Reunion Dinner: Nin'saya'baat (Chinese New Year's Eve)

(This is not for Christmas... My mum want to fill some funky lights on it and show off her bonzais)

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and I'm
super darn happy about it.

This year, it's the first time I took pictures for Chinese New Year and
plan to camwhore around for the week of CNY!

So peeps, here's the pictures on my family reunion dinner at Kimbali Restaurant on Chinese New Year's eve.

Let's the pictures to say the words~

Wondering what's this?

How about this? You may know this:- Lou Sang but what the connection with the 'thing' above?

Ha, peeps! We eat the lou sang with a piece of rice sheet in Vietnam style. Known as Vietnam rolls!

See that?

The best dish for today: Tou Foo With Seaweeds!

One of my favourite in Kimbali menu: Lemongrass Fried Chicken!

My family favs: Spicy & Sour Braised Pork Leg

Here's the summary of the main dishes...

Eh, I missed one here~ I'm not so fond with this dish due to its taste:- 7 Prosperity Vegetable.

After we had our dinner, we decided to pay a visit to a Fun Fair which is nearby my residence. My mum played a lot and spend over RM 1XX and we got so MANY plushies and stuffs. Worthless on pockets but worthful in family bond. Really had fun with my family here!

Peeped enough? There's more, buds! Wait for my next post tomorrow!

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