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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Day 1: Cho'yat' (Cho 1) [Daytime]


At last, the Chinese New Year of 2009 arrived!

Really happy but this year, I expect less angpow. Haiz~

So, fellows... As I promised for the pix, here you go~

Camwhore while I go to the vegetarian restaurant~

With my sister's help on camwhore...

My sister's turn... (Beautiful, ain't she? >.<)

Another silly cam for us both!

Actually, we are heading towards the restaurant and we are late 1/2 hour...
Luckily, we call them about our lateness.

When we arrived there...

Ohmigosh! There's too many people!

We can 't find a table for ourselves.


We need to cancel our reservation since a waiter said no tables and if you're served, we have to wait for 1 hour to get our dishes! WTF~

So, we headed to...

Guess where we were heading to?



WTH! It's my first time to have brunch (breakfast + lunch) on Cho 1!

Creative or not?

So, I had...

Prosperity Chicken Burger
(Damn spicy and hot, not my type of burger I would like to have since the day is hot!)


Spring french fries!
(This is a limited edition fries every year. I won't miss it!)

Not forgetting my...

McFlurry + Oreo!

(Coz the burger is damn hot, I need something to lower my tongue's temperature before it burned and swollen)

Emm, nice? Finally, I add some Coke on it but I'm not going to take a pix on it coz it looks like mud ... but not for me~ Yummy!

Next post on the night of Cho 1!

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