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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Undang (Road signs) v2

In Malaysia before we get to learn how to drive vehicles, it's an essential to have a basic knowledge on road signs such as STOP and so on. Back to my time, we call it as "Undang" in Malay which is a substitute word for "Rules of the Road" (Undang-undang Jalan Raya in Malay)in Malaysia. Kinda boring because since I was small, I know those signs by asking my parents and from books.

I stumbled on something hilarious...

(Click to enlarge)
Translation in english (From left to right, zig-zag direction)

When I was driving my motor,
I saw a woman in a sudden,
We met and have fun together,
When she was ready,
She lift her left leg...
...and her right leg.
I insert *** her.
She praise my length...
...and my weight.
After a few up-and-down actions,
We try different directions,
With a different speed.
When I almost reach to the end,
She shout "STOP".
She said she forgot to take pills.
My libido is instantly turn down.
After nine months, she was pregnant.
I'm becoming a dad.
My world seems like collapsing.
In the end, I choose to walk rather than others.

A bientot!

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