How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey guys. Another post has been delayed long time ago but feeling wanna spill my life event.

Since the last post, it has been few emotional months that I've been through. Decisions that would change my direction in my life. A sudden thought of migrating to Australia for better living and the plan has been stalled (notice here that I still have intentions to move out from Malaysia) due to immigration worries. Of course, If I'm moving out, it means I told my Master studies supervisor that I quit and ready to ditch a resignation letter to UTAR.

When this matter was over, me and my mom was planning to venture into food business as our main plan going to Melbourne is to open a cafe. Since my local area doesn't have such business before, it would be great to be the one. In the end, it turns out to be another stop. The price of a shop is darn hefty and cost a life. My mum couldn't afford to get one as predicted that the loan will be for life.

Anyway, in that period I was actually still giving myself the final decision: resignation. In the midst of packing up my things, my supervisor approached me and ask me to become her Master student again and she really have patience to let me decide again by giving me a month. I was puzzled, confused and worried with path would I choose.

Getting another job and leave my dream to have Master qualification or stuck myself, continue what I've done so far for 2 years, graduate again and find a new job? Indeed I want to look for other jobs as my career in UTAR has no job advancement and my salary increment is the least compares to my friends working outside with corporate and big companies. At the same time, my sister asked me to work outside for better salary, expand my career portfolio and get a Master studies in business and management.

In that time, I'm also worried that I'm not ready to face new challenge and have no new direction to look for.

Thus, I remained UTAR and proceed my studies as planned at the first place. Sorry for disappointing people who heard my news and those kinds of 'leaving' anticipation.

Last few weeks, there are few positive turnouts that I didn't expect to have.

Firstly, I'm going to get my first investment home in Kampar. This decision is made when I was looking rents which probably starts on upcoming January. My parents advised me to look for home as they would like to help to buy a house and become landlord instead of spending two or three years paying rents for a room. Yes, no more 'fake' surprises and it's in progress.

The second decision would be another life event. You might guess but I can't promise that this decision will be a success as I'm letting the nature takes its coarse and the decision that my fate lies.

That's it, folks. I might not be posting much but I hope I can do more in future. Anticipate more stories from me then and thanks for your patience!
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