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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Oh my! This 2009 year passed so fast. I'm already pass my half journey of my uni life and it's more exciting in each every year. Make new friends, having some quarrels with my friends and family members, getting deeper experience in blogging and money making in Internet and... ah! I have so much happenings in 2009 and they just come and go in a blink of an eye.
I haven't decide my resolutions for the new year (or don't want to think about it :P). I just want to do everything with my whole strength and full effort especially my CGPA. I want to aim at least 3.00 to ensure my step towards Master Of Science in the same olde UTAR, other universities or somewhere out from Malaysia... I'm looking some of them right now and target them in future. My life mission is still the same:- Being a professional chemist doing research.
...or being famous becoming a photo spread in a magazine (but not in women mags! I'm not leng chai and hunky enough! :P).


Bang! *knock my head on wall*

Anyway, I wish everyone Happy New Year 2010 and let us welcome the second decade of the 2010! :)

And hopefully I won't having this...I don't know whether to trust about 2012 phenomenon but don't strike a disaster on my first year job! I still want to live!!! >P<

A bientot!

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