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Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It's been a quick year for me. 2008 past so fast until I didn't realised in a blink of eye. Here's my past 2008:-

(1) The year of end of my schooling year. It's my last year to take STPM paper (Couldn't believe that I'm actually gone through the 3rd hardest examination in the world). Trust me, exam from MPM (STPM) is really the most suffering time for me. From my past UPSR, PMR and SPM, I didn't get a single 'F' in my result slip and I got it FINALLY in my STPM. Not a proud thing to say about it but I'm through with it. I miss my school uniform and as a librarian...

(2) The year of slacking time (the most of it). I sat on my computers most of the time everyday (after STPM and my semester break). My parents scold me a lot and I'm kinda masuk-telinga-kiri-dan-keluar-telinga-kanan attitude. I know, it's my bad attitude. Sorry mom and dad!

(3) The year to become an undergraduate. I'm darn happy to become a member in UTAR. Thanks to the Credit Evaluation Department of UTAR PJ for giving me an opportunity to study Bachelor Of Science (Hons) Chemistry in UTAR Kampar. Even I'm not going for government university despite of my poor STPM result, I'm glad that UTAR open that opportunity in my life!

(4) The year of lots lots of holiday. Actually my mum plans to go for holiday in Hong Kong. Coz my family is having money problem, I prefer to stay and just holidaying in Malaysia. My fav? I love Cameron Highlands but my family tend to go for a day and back on night. Sigh, I wish I could have stayed there longer. Perhaps a week??? Sometimes, we go to KL oftenly. I kinda not fond to KL with its traffic and people. My mum and my sister likes to go there for the sake of shopping spree (which is not my attitude except shopping in Low Yat. He he he!)

(5) The year of celebrating my 21st birthday. I make it earlier so that I won't have trouble having my last grand birthday party in my uni life. Thanks for people who attend my birthday party and Michele for the great flute performance. Thanks to Mz. Mindy and Ms. Foo for coming to my party and I have lots lots lots of wine that night due to Ms. Foo who force me to drink almost a glass of it!

(6) The year which I made a lots of friends from other states in Malaysia. Lucky me that I found them and always hang around in a gang. There are sweet and sad times in the first semester but I forgive you guys especially to Sze Hao. I hope you guys can forgive me too (whatever my attitudes gave you guys an annoying moment). Hope we can stay together as a great gang in UTAR Kampar CE G1 and friends forever till we graduate in 2011. I had great friends who help and share my troubles and have fun together all the nights in Mamak stall. So, don't break the covalent bonds between us! Lolz!

(7) The year where my sister finally recovered her relationship with a guy. I'm happy with her that she found a guy who fits her. She is happier since she found her lover and my relationship with my sister is better. Last time when I was small, I used to fight a lot with my sis but as we grown older, our bond become closer. Thanks sis for leading me and defend me a lot. Hope we can preserve a ZERO fight in coming next year. I hope you and **** can had a long relationship and get ******* (you know what I mean!). ****, it's a pleasure to meet you!

So, that's my story of 2008. I hope (or wish) that in the coming 2009, I have a good future and better family and friends bonds... About my wish, neh... I'm not telling you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Here's a cartoon for Christmas from me:

I hope the birds shit out!

Not forgetting a video too!

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