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Monday, December 22, 2008

Internet Pranks Won't Cheat Me Easily!

I really fed up with those who send the chain mails and said "If you don't send this e-mail to 20 person for the next 5 minutes, you will suffer...." and yada yada yada!

Recently, I've received an e-mail like this (which is forwarded from my friend):-

Ha ha! I hope Mr. Jon Henerd still exist in Hotmail Admin Department! If he is, he's a damn (super-duper-mega) nerdy.

So guys (including my friends and viewers), just delete these chain mails and please don't send me these chain mails. I just throw into my bin and might consider you as a spammer. At the same time, don't send me those e-mails which is ended with

"If you don't send to *tut* people in next *tut* thing
or else I just ignore you!

Don't let *tut* you back!

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