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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My First Anime Sketch!

Finally, I drew a sketch of my favourite anime character:- Maes Hughes
It tooks a whole freaking hour to draw the sketch. In my calculations:-

Energy - 60%
Concentration - 15%
Effort - 10%
Time Spent - 10%
Stationeries - 5%
Result - Priceless

So, here's my sketch...

This portrait sketch is for my challenge competition in which is organized by Devious, the Chief Admin of the forum. It's fun to take her challenge.

For those who are interested to join this challenge, you are encouraged to become a member and make at least 10 posts in order to qualify yourself in this challenge. Be quick as this challenge is going to the end. Just do the assignments in order to catch up!

Not just the fun on challenge, I assure you that you have a great time in Asianz Rendezvous (AR)!

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