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Thursday, May 26, 2011

End and Thanks

I'm OFFICIALLY declare myself as a graduate now!

The jump in the picture above is worthed it as today I viewed my final examination result. Although, I stuck in Second Lower Honour since my first year, I don't mind it as long as I can pass my three years in UTAR and celebrate my convocation with my fellow coursemates. For those are still pursuing, I miss you guys and hope you do your best on upcoming semester. With or without us in convocation ceremony, we still indeed know each other and became coursemates. Bon voyage, guys!

For pass few days, I was worried about one paper which I'm not prepared at the first place but it merely pass. Last Wednesday, I collect my first publishment which is my thesis...

My maroon baby here. Tee hee. 

It's been a long journey to make this thesis book and don't ask me how I survived in this period. It's a long story and I'm also asking myself "Did I wrote this book?" because when I look at it, I can't believe those words in it is written in such way. I just know that I wrote this book before 2 weeks of first draft submission dateline. Initially, it was around 70 pages so it's a hard time for me to write it in such short time. Anyhow, thanks to my previous "Foong Jee Lip" who made early research job and citations in tonnes of books and journals which facilitated my 2 rushy weeks. In the end, this 86 pages thesis book is done and it looks handsome. Love it.

I wanna make a short summary about my three years life in UTAR Kampar.

First Year Semester One
  1. I enrolled to UTAR with the help of my senior who are based in UTAR Sg. Long. Asking her a lot of things about UTAR and she prepared me very well with guidances. 
  2. Started blogging in Friendster and later shift to Blogger which is the origin of this blog.
  3. I came to UTAR Kampar with a music partner (no other intimate relationship in this matter) of mine. Started about three weeks and gotten some complications and minor misunderstanding with her. I'm sorry that both of us have to stay apart and I hope she will do well in her journey. 
  4. Meet new coursemates. First, meet Bong Sze Hao and Teo Chea Lin. And being introduced to other fellow coursemates as well. About like 10 to 15 people.
  5. I was admitted to hospital due to some health complications. Friends were helpful to help me shifting my stuffs to second home.
  6. Some minor fight and misunderstanding among coursemates with my fellow friends. Helped, confused and end in a complicated manner. Not in my control anyway.
  7. Fail my first paper in General Physics but manage to survive my Algebra & Calculus subject.
  8. Happy to get an A- for my first laboratory subject.
  9. Planning to move out, again.
First Year Semester Two
  1. Not much difference than semester one except after having a 3 months long semester break which is kinda boring.
  2. Found a new (third) place to stay in Kampar. Stayed with my close friend.
  3. Know more fellow coursemates from activities.
  4. Resit my General Physics paper. Obtained astonishing result of getting a B+ for it.
  5. Have difficulty on Ancillary Statistic subject but with the help of my lecturer and friends, I survived this paper.
  6. A bit down when I see my laboratory subject when to B+
  7. Close to a chinese lecturer who taught Pengajian Malaysia *surprised?*. Bid farewell to him.
Second Year Semester One
  1. Having a lecturer who taught Environmental Science & Technology I which is quite similar to my Chemistry teacher back in Form 6. Demanding but emotionally control. Her notes were merely pictures and a few points of notes. Extra notes were written myself. Got a B+ for her paper and it's NOT tough.
  2. Still not satisfied with my laboratory subject. Got B+
  3. Have first elective paper: Organisation & Human Resource. Last minute revision for finals but got a B.
  4. Enrolled to French class. Good teacher but sadly I lost my language cert.
  5. A friend of mine advised me to know more people in the course. Friends were increased since then.
  6. Coursemates reckon that I'm a quite a techie in computer stuffs. Start asking me to fix computers in the class or theirs.
  7. Gotten a Twitter account and activately updated until today.
Second Year Semester Two
  1. Not much differences but the subjects were getting tougher.
  2. First time having an African lecturer from Nigeria. Very kind and scored an A- for his paper.
  3. Failed to achieve back my laboratory subject. Still B+ and it's final.
  4. Became part of the EXCO member of newly established Chemistry Society. Pile of jobs but enjoy back the moment of doing society stuffs. Learn lots of official things between the society and UTAR, and improved leadership skills. Get more friends from other faculties and courses.
Third Year Semester One
  1. Anticipating the project supervisor selection. Got what I want which is environmental studies of polymer and started a careful and organise plannings. Had guide from my senior.
  2. Love Environmental Science & Technology II subject and got a B- for it.
  3. A sudden heavy task on Factory visit but manage to savage it in last minute. Tested my ability to the max.
  4. Got a new handphone, E71. Have more guts to travel alone in KL city with its free GPS navigations.
  5. Didn't expected to travel to UTAR Setapak to do my project. Enjoy it though.
  6. Got a rough fight with my sister. Silent moment between us until now. Not much talk about it.
Third Year Semester Two
  1. No 3 months break as I stayed in Kampar to finalise my lab session of my projects. Manage to end it before Chinese New Year. Got positive outcome from it.
  2. Got a MySpace as a precaution step if Facebook is banned in Malaysia. In the end, no ban.
  3. Recognising two tough subjects. Indeed, they are very tough.
  4. Sudden problem among friends. Helped but useless and wasted my effort. No apologies accepted  forget the existence of that person. No hope for such person.
  5. Didn't attend my course pre-grad dinner due to money constraint. Instead, meeting up with an anonymous junior. Glad to help him.
  6. Rush my thesis writing in 2 weeks time. Got a B+ for overall project. Not as I expected but it's fine.
  7. Trouble in one course but a relief after getting the final result.
  8. Having first big trip with friends to Cameron Highlands. Got experience in using a DSLR.
So, consider this as a summary? It's really a summary but long ones. There are certain events which I'm not quite remember but they remains in my memory. Some of it I wish not to mention as well. Anyhow, in this three years time, I can say it's a rough ride. There were smiles and tears behind these years and yet I managed to get over it. As I promised to my family and my beloved grandfather, I will prove myself that I can be a degree student in future.

I'm happy that I did it. And I wish to do more. Due to my result, my supervisor advised me to gain some working experience first before I continue my studies in future. I hope that my passion to further my studies will not fade away when I'm working. For now, I just need to browse more job options around the net and get one in short time. I miss lab sessions. I miss analysing things with concepts and theories. I miss popping up questions and giving possible answers in lab reports. Whatever I miss, it deals with lab.

Before I end my post, I would like to thank to all my lecturers and tutors who taught me in UTAR!

Dr. Aissa Boudjella
Ir. Chan Cheong Loong
Ms. Chan Poh Ying
Ms. Cheah Lee Fong
Dr. Chee Swee Yong
Ms. Cheng Siew May
Mr. Chin Hong Soon
Mr. Frankie Tey Chee Chieh
Ms. Geetha A/P Veerappan
Dr. Ha Sie Tiong
Dr. Hnin Pwint Aung
Mr. Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu
Ms. Kemmy Foo Kam Mee
Dr. Khoo Kong Soon
Mr. Lee Eng Heng
Mr. Lee How Chinh
Dr. Lim Chang Kiang
Dr. Lim Tuck Meng
En. Muhamad Azhar Bin Zulkeply
Dr. Neo Kian Eng
Dr. Ong Siew Teng
Dr. Saravanan Nagalingam
Ms. Shanthi A/P Nadarajah
Dr. Sim Kooi Mow
Mr. Soon Lii Chyi
Dr. Tan Chew Khun
Dr. Tan Shu Min
Mr. Yeoh Hong Beng
Dr. Yip Foo Win

You shaped me, teach me and guide me to become a degree student of Chemistry. I will always remember you all! Not forgetting, the other coursemates and friends. Thanks for being there for me when I need you guys. You guys rocks and I have no regrets to meet you all. Maybe a small regret to minorities but they taught me the existence of such people in my life. Friends or foes, still a thanks.

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