How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Where are you "job"? has been second favourite place after Facebook. I've been going to that site everyday like my homepage. Darn, it's not easy to find a job and hope that you got selected. Currently, I'm waiting being called or mailed for job interview. So far, no news from my two submissions.

Pfft. It's very boring to stay at home, just doing house chores everyday and become my mother's chauffeur whenever she goes. Recently, I just feel that I don't want to touch my car and go outside. I don't know and it weirds because I hardly use my car for the past three years as I wasn't driving in university vicinity. Perhaps the long travels shifting my stuffs back from Kampar has sickening me since then.

Yeah. Finally, I have shifted back all my stuffs to my house. I miss my room and it has served me very well for the pass two years. Hopefully, the next occupant will treat you nice and sound. I also miss my room back when I stayed in Westlake. I heard that until today it has not being occupied. In short, I gonna miss Kampar (if I'm not going to work there).

Okay, back to my job scavenging matter. It's hard to find one especially when you want (or asked to) stick in your hometown. I found two which are quite near to my house and need not much time for travels. Both are coincidently my favourite which deals with polymer and environmental science. The environmental company are seeking for radiation analyst but it's compatible with my qualifications.

If still no one hires me in Perak, I'm gonna think moving out either Penang or KL. My first choice is Penang as the living cost there is not as high as KL.

If not, I go to Fukushima to become radiation analyst there.

He he.

Anyway, Jobstreet has a feature where job applicant can get priority by getting attention by fellow employers. It's called 'Priority Application'. I don't know how effective that this feature can capture the attention of people who wants to hire you. Is it like this?

Hire me or else... *evil*

So, should or shouldn't I get this feature? I need to spend either RM 25 or 50 to get it.


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