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Friday, May 20, 2011

Earn From Social Networking

It's quite famous these days when we are talking about social networking. I'm sure the first word that pop ups in your mind about is "Facebook". Sorry to say that certain countries has banned the usage of Facebook but I can say Facebook indeed a very good place to find friends, reconnect with old ones and making business interactions.

It's true that nowadays most of the companies like Apple and even McDonalds have their Facebook pages. It's essential for them to have such thing as they can acquire feedbacks and comments just a few clicks of buttons on keyboard from their respective customers. Plus, the adverts carried out in social networking is very effective and viral as we know that interesting stuffs can attract fellow internet users by their headlines and summarised description.

Another social networking site that kinda do the same but with added mobility and simplicity features. Let me hint you. "140 characters left".

If you are a hip in social networking, it's Twitter.

Yes. It's very good and a necessity for a blogger to have. For me, I have no time in the pass to write blog posts as most of my readers demanded more pictures rather than words. In the addition of editing each pictures that I'm going to post and thinking the post contents that is enthusiastic, it's a long duration job. So, Twitter is helpful as a microblog. To go to my Twitter account, you go to have a look and follow me by clicking one of the tab above my site.

Since last year, my advert revenue provider, Nuffnang has opened another sister company called ChurpChurp. Let me explain how it works.

Just like Nuffnang, ChurpChurp will receive requests from people to put out their ads. So, instead of working in blogs and websites, ChurpChurp dominates the social networking world like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Because we used to spread news and updates to our friends, it's another good way to spread these advertisements. Even you don't have a Twitter account, Facebook and other stuffs such as Vimeo, Yahoo and Youtube can be your portal to spread adverts.

To start, you just need to post their adverts with your personalised words and certain tag words that the advertiser requires such as tagwords in Twitter or given shortlinked websites. You just tweet or updates all the way until you got clicks from your friends or your own when you or your friends saw the interesting offer from your updates. Let the pictures do the talk, shall we? :)

That's simple.

About the earning, you have to earn until RM 100 at least for cash out and how do you earn it? I'm still confused on it but I'm earning currently day by day. This earning method is only applicable to Malaysians and Singaporeans currently.

Since I'm sure that most of people can't live without internet and especially Facebook or Twitter like me. Making it as a 'Must-do' daily basis. In fact, my homepage is Facebook.

Like pumping drugs of social networking. It's simple to spend 5 to 10 minutes spreading some adverts and earn day by day. Although it's very slow to earn at the first place but you will build up a sum of money. To startup, you can click the picture below or here.

Turn to earning little birdie (if you're a Twitter) by kicking out the old ones. Good news for existing Nuffnangers that you need not to do new registration. Just go to your Nuffnang status page and link from there.

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