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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After 1 week

Hi guys! It's been exactly a week after my final test. I just got my draft thesis back and corrected it last night and it's looking good as it came back with lesser mistakes and need to additional words for my figures in the text.

So currently I'm tuning back my body clock by having nap in the evening and wake up about 5-6 am everyday as I'm sleeping earlier. I just arrive back to my uni town (Kampar) and gonna pack a few things back later such as my thick reference books, piles of files of my previous 3 years degree momento and hopefully I get to see my supervisor to check out my lab stuffs. Now, even my master senior has got a job and move out from his office in the campus. Lucky him that he found a job but not his girlfriend who still undergo master studies.

Anyway, in next week time, I will come back to Kampar occasionally to shift things back one by one and leaving soon my third home in Kampar. Sigh, it has been more than two years I stayed here and it's like just a glimpse for me as if I started staying yesterday back in 2009. Well, time really fly fast and I need to catch up to move on.

So, I'm gonna update the previous to do list:-

  1. Varsity coursemate vacation to Cameron Highlands
  2. A reunion from my former secondary school classmates
  3. One or two trips with my family
  4. Getting back my second draft of my thesis, make any modifications (if present) and finalised the hard copy of thesis
  5. Attending my primary school classmate's wedding reception
  6. Fixing computer
  7. Looking for permanent job around Perak (if possible)
  8. More to come...
The list won't stop piling up in the future. For now, I just hope to get my final result and pass on to convocation without resit any papers. Pray hard for me...

By the way guys, I'm on the weekly competition toward Nikon D5100 Extra Ordinary Angle Contest  and I posted the picture above so please help to click "Like" button in this link. I have another few uploads but this one steals the scene the most which I took it with D3000.

A hopeful competition towards the winning of Nikon D5100.

(Credits to

Opps. A tear down but the feature that interest me is the swivel pop up screen. If not, at least I might win the weekly price of Nikon CaptureNX2 software.

You can join as well by simply connect the contest site to your Facebook account and send your original shot (from your camera, not edited ones). But remember...

Like mine! You can click to the big button above to proceed for voting! :)

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