How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

1 week left

Column chromatography fractions from master senior

It's gonna a relief soon since I have another one test left. The one I love the most. So, after the test, there are tonnes of things to do such as:-

  1. Varsity coursemate vacation to Cameron Highlands
  2. A reunion from my former secondary school classmates
  3. One or two trips with my family
  4. Getting back my second draft of my thesis, make any modifications (if present) and finalised the hard copy of thesis of three.
  5. Attending my primary school classmate's wedding reception
  6. Fixing computer
  7. Looking for permanent job around Perak (if possible)
  8. Much more...
The list can go on and on without any warnings so I must be prepared. Talking about my previous exam, my ACC exam went bizarre so I hope I won't get any bad news from it. I want to grad with my beloved coursemates and straight to get a permanent job.

In the mean time, I still got the last revision for my finals. So wish me good luck and hope that I can end my varsity life as I need to move on to another chapter of life.

Reminding me of one of my former coursemate Emel asking me, "Will you change your blog name after you got graduated from UTAR?" Now, the answer will be "Maybe". Because if I'm staying in UTAR to work, it will remain the same plus I still want to help those people around the globe who wants to enrol to UTAR for further studies so yeah, "Maybe". If not, I already prepared a new name for my blog.
Wait till you see my decision. The future is the answer of everything.

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