How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Weeks Left

Front of UTAR Library (Block G)

Just passed by the second week and now I'm in the third week in Kampar. Now, just stealing some time to blog a bit on my experience lately. I had passed the two tests:- Entrepreneurship and The Industrial Organic & Natural Products Chemistry paper which on last Friday and Tuesday (this week). I had a rough ride in the revision and seems all are in the last minutes.

For entrepreneurship paper, I hope I can score since the paper is not that bad. I like the case study because it's understandable and easy to find the points that I want to write for the questions. Comparing to the previous case study I had in OHR paper, I hate it. The case study is about soccer team management. Why I hate it? First, I'm not a fan of soccer and second, I don't understand even a single things in soccer sports team. All I know is there is a goalkeeper and other ball chasing dudes (players). But somehow, I did go on that paper.

On the second paper (Organic chemistry), I had a hard feeling during the revision because there are tonnes of things to practice and memorise. No, according to my lecturer, it's not memorising but it's recognising it. Duh, it means the same but sound better because the word 'memorise' is the hard way to study. So, in the end, the paper is quite tough. Manage to savage those questions I know plus those who I shoot randomly with my M-16 in my mind. In the end, I found that I wrote quite a lot of serendipity answers. The answers that make sense to me.

Now, I'm still preparing myself of the next paper which is gonna happen in the next few hours. Another tough ones but I hope I can deal it. The last paper is Polymer Chemistry which is my strongest Science course I had for these last semester. It is because I prep myself earlier for this course as it helps my final year project on thesis writing. Thanks to my senior, Elaine who borrowed me with her notes plus minor guidances on the side notes.

Okay. I think I blurt quite long in such a short time. Till then, wait for my next post on my final week.

P.S.: I'm a bit homesick now and it has struck me since last week. So, I miss my daddy and mommy. Hope that my staying in Kampar is worthful for the sake of the damn finals.


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