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Friday, April 30, 2010

SonicGear Momento M3

(HP Mini 210)

Actually, I got bought this speaker after my Chinese New Year with my ang pow money. Can't believe that ang pow money came quite a lot for this year.
Every year, I will spend some money to buy at least a tech gadgets. So, here's mine for this year!


SonicGear Momento M3!


I've spotted this model for a year in Tesco supermarket and the price ain't cheap that time. RM 200++ if I'm not mistaken. The price was almost the same in regular tech shops. So, I decided to wait the price dropped more or less RM 100.

At least, it's not more than my budget and burn a hole on my wallet.


So, basically, I choose this speaker for a reason.

I can't deny that I choose it because of its design.

My best friend was right about me. XD

So, why I like the design? First, it has the piano finish which my favourite. Love piano, love its design! Even my laptop is almost the same design. Matching isn't it? Secondly, I like blue colour. My favourite colour. I've my room (in my sister's house) painted with blue. The curtains and bed sheets are blue. But hey, no blue film (porn stuffs) with me.


Blue illuminating light at the sub-woofer. Shines on the embossed logo of SonicGear.


Much better. Illuminating logo on the satellites.


So, overall the controller is on the one of the satellite.


The main and bass volume is located here. Sadly, I prefer the knob type so I can adjust and know the level of volume instead of pressing the button. Plus, the volume levels will be reset to default and I can't mainting the levels. So, kinda depressing when I need to adjust them time to time when I need to use it.


I'm not sure whether the keeping-wire feature is applied here but eventually, I just do it. At least, I won't get an eye sore when I see the tangling wires behind my desk and become the home of spiders, bugs and pests.


They gave me a box which is kinda old. Actually, they left the white colour ones but in the end, they found the black type. That day, they were kinda giving me sour faces when I ask for the black colour speakers since they said they have the black colour one in their stockroom. Actually, they have the only one which is the display model I saw on the rack.

Then, I just said "Erm, never mind. I take the display model."

I think they have mistaken what I've said. My friend guessed that they tried to purchase a black one (I saw there's another one from another computer shop which cost more than RM 150) and sell it to me with their price.


I just keep my mouth shut, paid the money, grab the speaker and run away. I don't want to get a punch on my face because I'm not the punch,-kick-and-fight-before-negotiate guy. Plus, I'm will not do so as it's not wise.

So, for those who are pros in speakers, here's the specs from its official website:-

  • Total Power: 30 watts RMS
  • Subwoofer Power: 20 watts RMS
  • Satellites Power: 2 x 5 watts RMS
  • Subwoofer: 5.25” Full-range Bass Driver
  • Satellites: 2.25” + 1” Mid-range Driver
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20KHz
  • S/N Ratio: > 80 dB

  • 2.1 Precision Personal Audio System
  • Highly accurate 3-Way Audio
  • Full 2 way control - master and bass volume control
  • High Excursion Bass Driver
About the performance, I like the bass very much. Since I had the old Altec Lansing 2.0 speakers which cost me about the same, I think if I compiled both of them, I'm gonna blast with music and HD videos.

Sometimes, it gives out a 'bump' sound in a certain period. My housemate said it's normal as the speaker is affected by statics from electricity in the house. Is it true? I just turn them off whenever I'm not using it. I didn't experience such thing back when I use my Altec Lansing.

Any answers on my doubts? :)

Price: RM 100
Pros: Nice, sleek and contemporary black piano design, robust bass output, metal mesh, small footprint comparing to regular 2.1 speakers.
Cons: Troublesome volume and bass adjustment, visible dust sticking on its surface.
Rating: 7/10

A bientot!

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