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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life is...

What is life?

It can be defined by many terms and the definition depends on human perceptions and thoughts.
Some say "Life is good" and some of them say "Life sucks" and so on. Each of us has a term for it but did you ask why you defined life in such manner?
For me, life is beautiful. I believe that I'm very fortunate to have everything I had. My beloved family members and friends. Just that lots of happenings occur this year. I tend to blame myself that things ain't enough and not supposed to be the one I'm expecting. Anger, sad and disappointment are the replies I got for pass few days. No matter how, I'm prepared for the worst and I'm not that hurt.

As you can see, I'm having a lot of tasks in my daily life and starts to abandon my main blog. Tasks from Chemistry Society, homework in the sense of lab reports, assignments and tests, FYP and internship inquiries and family problems. So, no time to blog and actually I've no mood to blog. I couldn't find my inspiration to blog as the stress overcome it.
When things come to the end of semester, I usually reviewed myself that what I've done. So far, it came up unexpected.

Much better that I expected.
First, from the Chemistry Society activities, I met more friends. Friends from other faculties instead of my own faculty. Plus, I was a leader in an organising event and it's my first time to deal and guide lots of anonymous members. In the end, they like me for being a good leader. I love them anyway because they are all cooperative and helpful. Thanks guys!
About my studies, I thought that I'm not doing very well with it because I didn't made any revisions after the day of lecture class. I just listen and learn during the classes instead continue to study them back at home because my time was so pack. When I look at my coursework mark, my results are just normal, neither going to fail nor having distinction results. I'm content with the marks. Plus, my assignments were done very well and able to uphold the content results from the midterm.
Last but not least, I'm done with the lab reports. Hate them when I did them before their due date. For the pass 4 semesters, the course I love the most is Chemistry Laboratory course. Although its credit hour is the lowest comparing all the courses in my studies, I love practicals rather than listening to 1001 hours of theories in lecture classes. During labs, you get the experience on your own instead of looking on pictures and get to know the process in texts. I believe by using our 5 senses to feel, do and evaluate a process is the best way to have effective learning.
Back to my family, my parents need to undergo surgeries. Due to financial support, my mum postponed her laser treatment to remove bone spur on her spine bone (osteophyte). At the same time, my father suffers pain in hand and requires a small surgery to solve it. So, both of them need to undergo MRI scanning. Comparing to my final exams, I'm much more worry about my parents. So, I've canceled all my vacations during my upcoming holidays and take care of them.
At the same time, there's another issue about my younger brother. It's about his hidden relationship with a girl and he denies about it. Since he seldom listen to my advices, I decided to let him face problems in future.
It shouldn't be hurting but I hope he takes it as an life experience. It's time for him to know about the real life and I don't want to babysit him since he's already 15. He's not like me. He is rather looks like my sister who also dislike my advices and gain a lot of hurtful life experiences. At least, she changed a lot. I hope my brother will the same.
I try to think everything in positive manner instead of negative at the first place. I would like to accept rather than rejects. Some sort like being optimistic and look things on the other way round instead of one direction. When I do so, I find more choices and perspectives to deal with my life. I advise people around me to think wider rather than sticking at one point. Try to poke around by having deep thoughts and analyse all actions before doing them.
We, human has a lot of choices. It depends how we find them. Life is full of choices and it's beautiful.

A bientot!

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