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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Sorry guys that I'm not filling up my blog since the new year of 2010. First, I was busy preparing my Year 2 Semester 2. Then, when I'm back here, tonnes of workloads were pouring like water. Lab reports, assignments and plus, I've just hired as a committee member of the brand new Chemistry Society in UTAR Kampar. Gonna be a tough work here but I must persist.
So, when thinking about my starter to blog, I will see my Flickr whether I've upload any edited pictures for blogging. I have these...
You see nothing but just a moon. But it's the new year moon of 2010. So, what's so special about it?

It's lunar esclipse. Not the full one but the partial lunar eclipse. I'm not sure where I've got the news to see the eclipse but thanks to the person who notify me somewhere.Then, I wikify the information to see whether I can see it or not in Asia region.

Yeah, it will! The eclipse will start from 17:17, reaching eclipse at 19:22 and last till 21:28 in UTC. So, around 2.00 am to 4.00am in Malaysia Time (UTC+8), I was like a dummy siting under a eerie silent midnight myself.

I know you will call me crazy but it's my first time observing lunar eclipse. Solar eclipse is rather boring because you need to scorch yourself under hot sun and the observation requires eye protection. 

It's known as the blue moon, a second full moon in December. You can said it as 'once in a blue moon'.


Indeed it was 'once in a blue moon' since my camera captured its blue glowing around the moon.That night on 31 December 2009, there was a heavy down pour and I afraid that I'm gonna miss it since there are a lot of super thick clouds covering the sky...

See that? The disturbance is approaching!  ><

Be gone you stupid clouds! :P

So, what do you mean by partial lunar eclipse

It is the event where the moon is partially block by the earth from the total sun rays.
Something like this...
(The larger, darker circle is Earth and the smaller one is Moon. The view is based on the perspective of Sun)

So, I wait...


and wait. Suddenly, I saw something moving in front of me and stop! Was it...
*heart beat*

Since, I have trouble to look during night time, I turned my camera flash on.
Ka chak!
It was a white cat...
Scared me of bumping something else! XD
The red thingy is the reflection of my neighbor's tailight car. So, no ghosts captured that night... :P

The eclipse was started on 3.15 am (UTC+8) and I thought the cloud was covering the moon...

Neh. It wasn't! It is the lunar eclipse...

The moon was so bright but it still okay...

Then, I adjust my camera settings on exposure meter, ISO and the focus zone.

Focus zone change. The picture become blurred...

Adding the landscape mode instead of macro or auto mode... Getting nicer...

I try to zoom in until it reached digital zooming. Bad idea as well!
That's why I don't trust digital zoom. Optical zoom is still the best!

The digital zoom ruined my focus zone! Reset my setting and back to the drawing board. :(

Checking on the exposure meter...

Erm, the light is too bright but I'm expecting the focus and exposure will be perfect.

Yay! I got the lunar surface picture! By what? Adjusting my ISO down to the lowest, ISO 100!

Better without my hand shaking!

Take two!


*shaky hands*

Argh! The clouds!!!
They ruined the moment!

Move along...
Move it move it~


Sigh... I hate my automatic settings in my camera. Auto focus, auto ISO and auto exposure meter. But it still delivers a nice job. Love it!
So that's all folks about my coverage of the lunar eclipse on 31 December 2009 or should I say 1 January 2010... Don't care about it. Hopefully I will to see the next lunar eclipse on...

Let me check...
26 June 2010 (Partial eclipse)
21 December 2010 (Total eclipse)
15 June 2011 (Total eclipse)
10 Dec 2011 (Total eclipse)
4 June 2012 (Partial eclipse)
I think most probably is on 11 December 2011 where the eclipse is visible from all of Asian and Australia. I will get to see the full eclipse instead of partial! Emm, I might want to get better camera on that day? Anyone want to borrow me your DSLR or other high ends camera or equipments?

Or if you are kind-hearted enough, can you sponsor me? :P

A bientot!

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