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Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Reasons

It seems that lots of people are looking forward to this contest and it's no exceptional for me! Actually, I was my first time to post a blog for contest after Nuffnang have given so many contests. So, I bet my luck on it...
So, what are the 5 reasons to have a BlackBerry Storm 9520?

(1) I'm using a old phone.

... and it seems to start have problems! Comparing other opponents in this contest, no one can beat mine. Many of them are having nice, colour displayed, multimedia and GPRS function but not like mine. Same case when my friends look on my phone... :(

Here's my Nokia 2300.
Hopefully I will find other contestants to have much older phone than me such as Nokia 3310 and so on... :P
I've been using this phone since 2006 and it has been four years with me. It's also my first phone that I bought with my own money.

"RM 450"

I still remember the price!

So, what the basic functions of this phone? Making phone calls and SMSes are definitely on it. A bit funky polyphonic ringtones (only 5 of them and they are the default ones!) and the best feature is it has a built-in radio.
Still working but start to have problems. I've expected the maximum lifetime of my phone is about 5 years. So, now what? Four years? Emm, I'm prepared...
I can't totally protect my phone with bumps and drops. Sure it will leave some scratches...
Dust inside the phone is another problem. So, I can say is Nokia Xpress-on shell sucks!
So, what's gonna be?

Answer: Get a new phone.

(2) I prefer BlackBerry than iPhone.
When I first hear about BlackBerry, all I can see is most of the phones have the tiny little QWERTY keypads. When iPhone arrives, all the mobile phone manufacturers starts to implement the concept of touch screen phone.
Actually, I adore iPhones. I like their apps; their multi-touch with flick, zoom and taps; its embedded iPod and so and so... :)

When the Apple iPhones arrives to Malaysia under Maxis, I changed my mind. The price was too expensive and it's not reasonable at all.

So, I'm focusing on phones such as Nokia E71,72,73 and BlackBerry. As a result, BlackBerry is not a bad idea! Price + performance = Reasonable
In this case, Celcom is currently promoting BlackBerry Storm 9250. Nice and beautiful just like iPhone.
Yeah! I like its boldness and not forgetting it's stormy looks! :D
I think it can works like iPhone but I would like to use it as a productivity. So, iPhone has been crossed out in my wishlist!

(3) I want to become a real-time and full-time blogger.

Since I was in my university life, I started to blog about my things such as experiences in the process to become an Chemistry undergraduate. I shared a lot and meet a lots of friends. Plus, I enjoy reading famous bloggers such as Nicolekiss, my first fav blogger with her traveling stories, Fourfeetnine with her 'WTFs' and recently, Xiaxue.

Hardly you can find me reading a male blogger because I kinda like gals to do the blogging job. They have more passion to write their stories comparing to guys. So, no hard feelings to male bloggers. :)
I need a phone which can enable me to write blog in real-time without waiting by typing my post in notebook. I might miss something to write and it requires me to recall them... For example, now I'm taking the job where I need to update my course blogs for announcements and files distribution.

UTAR WBLE is terrible. Ask UTAR students and they will tell you the 'experience'.

Enough said. Period.

(4) Love at the first sight


Being a blogger, I believe that photos can speak more than the text. Plus, I'm an avid photographer and I carry my camera, Kodak along whenever I go. Shopping, lecture classes, loitering and even in restaurants.

So, instead of carrying a bulky camera in your pocket, why don't we use a camera phone.

You might not going to capture super nice picture but it can be an emergency when you see a moment that you want to capture. Moments don't wait for people as they go along with time.

So, this BB (instead of calling BlackBerry) has 3.2 megapixel with the flash. I saw photos taken by BB phones before and they are okay. Not-to-perfect-and-yet-not-so-terrible rating from me.

Entertainment on my hand.
Believe it or not, I don't have a MP3 and MP4 player. I prefer to have such feature in my phone instead. Plus, I won't hurt my wallet by spending extra thing for another separate devices except for camera.
When I look at it, it was gorgeous.
It's cool as if I'm having an iPhone!

Paper-less organizer.
I've the principle of saving the environment. Minus plastics and more on biodegradable materials. I think that by using a PDA instead of an organizer book can reduce the usage of paper. Plus, I can save my energy without jotting down words and sentences...

GPS & BlackBerry Maps
I remember the last time I was driving to KL and tried to reach my uncle's house with my written instructions. Well, I almost going to Putrajaya instead of Sri Petaling. That time, I sweared that I won't stay and work in big cities like KL.

Since I didn't travel much, I think it's an essential to have a GPS system either in a standalone GPS device, GPS software in phone or GPS in your car console. So, this BB has it!

and last but not least, the fifth reason!


(5) I want to win this phone!
Hopefully Nuffnang or Celcom would let me win this phone...
...then my life will be much easier.


So, you can win this BB from Celcom by making a post on your blog about BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 by Celcom. The contest starts from 5-25 February which means you still have less that two weeks to do that. Send your permalink and your full name to once you have your post done!

Why wait? Be a part of the storm! Roar~

A bientot!

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