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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

宮心計 is the best!

Just finish watching 宮心計 and it's a marvelous HK ancient drama I've seen in my life. Considering giving the drama 5 stars!

Anyway, I just realized most of the gardens and places are so called "The Forbidden Kingdom of China" are actually mainly in studio (for indoor shooting) and garden around Hong Kong (for outdoor shooting).
Except, they have one flaw on computer video editing.
This is one of the scene in Episode 19. Can see anything? Let me zoom the flaw...
Lame isn't it? :P

It's just a short clip in this shoot but when I play the moment back, it's really there.

GG man~

Thinking if that condo is there, the king can reserve more space by letting his concubines and servants stay in it... :P

Actually, it's a minor mistake. Most of the outdoor scenes are edited such as the surrounding of parks and gardens. Plus, some stuffs like modern lamp poles are edited into ancient poles.

As a conclusion, this drama really touched my heart and I'm lucky to download them all before my semester arrives on mid January. Anyway, here are some cute photo shoots by Charmaine Sheh, the great main actress in this drama.
Here's another great amusement from the blopper (NG 片) of the drama.

A bientot!

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