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Monday, November 30, 2009

Whom do you trust?

As the title said so, which is your ideal ISP?
The old, legacy Streamyx...
or the new, wireless P1 Wimax?For Internet users from Malaysia, we are having dilemma on choosing decent Internet Service Provider (ISP) but let me tell you the truth, NONE of them are good ones...
I can included Maxis broadband
and Celcom (Vodaphone inclusive) broadband.
It's true and a FACT.
Can't argue and making sigh sounds about this problem. I don't want to insert words which assault my country but I'm speaking the voice among of the Internet user in Malaysia. Malaysia internet is really terrible. Bad line and bad customer support. I've rectify my ISP, Streamyx for many times about my unstable internet connection.
I'm waving my phone instead of a white flag. Calling '100' of TM customer service is not troublesome but the thing is I need to call them several time due to the same, damn problem. I wrote a strong warning to them before due to their stupid '100'.


I can't change my fate as a Malaysian internet user. Having broken downloads, slow and unstable internet connection and broken internet transactions (especially which deals in money and shopping). Can't describe my feeling right now...

Another broken line...
Hopefully, I can publish this post soon... :X
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