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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

In science field especially in chemistry, we require machines that can analyze and determine unknown items such as mixtures of organic compounds and traces of elements. We can undergo analysis through a few ranges such as infrared, UV/Vis and magnetic resonance.
My Spectrometry & Chromatography I course in my previous semester expose me to such things which is very important for me in future experiments in projects and researches. Since there's only one instrument was transported back to UTAR Kampar from UTAR Setapak, the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), I have the only opportunity to operate this machine only. IR and NMR spectroscopy are still there.
Here's the touch panel of the machine. This machine are expensive and delicate. Each replacement parts such as element lamps like Mg, Pb and so on are costly too... So, the users must take precautions and follow the correct steps to operate the machine.
The LA (lab assistant) was kinda helpful by giving specific introduction...
She told us the steps to operate it but she can't explain much in details about it due to restriction of lab session.
The flame inside the machine will burn up the compound we need to test and the selected radiation from the machine will interact with the emission of the compound (mainly interaction of two different radiation) and a recorder will detect the new radiation from the interaction.

Confusing? Read it again until you get it... :P
Reminds me about microwave oven. The door is as the same as the microwave actually.
My group member was trying out...
First, it was kinda exciting and interesting but as the process is repeating but with other compounds, they started to get bored and want to leave earlier.
Some compounds/mixtures to test...
An example when 4 types of mixture were tested out (based on copper, Cu element in this case) and we get the linear graph. This result wasn't ours by the way... :(
If you want to know more about it, click here (from Wikipedia) to understand deeper processes related to AAS. I might face this machine if I'm into research and... you know, as I said that you will be bored... Xp

A bientot!

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