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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wanna be a famous blogger?

The best thing of surfing net is you will bump into things you never thought of.

Being famous + blogger looks easy but tough when you make your move. I wanna be like Nicolekiss, Kennysia and other famous bloggers in my nation. Yet, it seems quite hard to become a part-time blogger at the first place. You need to have interesting contents and able to add some nice media especially photos and blend them together to make a descent post.

No matter how hard it is and how long it will take, I won't stop my journey because I want to become like them as well but in MY way. A chemist who blog in term of science, life and entertainment. No one has done that (as I know in Malaysia) but I'm trying to become one of the unique blogger with my own elements...

How am I going to start this step?

Thanks to CaseyLiew's post

Being a blogger is always easy but when comes to be "famous". that's a different story... I learned a few steps to promote my blog not just only among my friends but to the outside world. I might not free to learn all of them but I'm doing it step by step (currently).
"I can get bigger too... :P"

So, sometimes we see other bloggers can do this and that and get famous, you will ask yourself, "If he/she can do that, I can do it too!". But once you get your engine started, you forgot the key: to become loyal to blog in order keep it running from time to time.

My advice for newbies in blogging (and to myself, always):

  1. If you want to blog, blog in your way and constantly update them with contents and don't leave them alone and unattended.
  2. If there is negative feedbacks or comments who hates your blog, just ignore them and keep going.

A bientot!

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