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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last Sunday, I had a shopping with my family... (like usual Sundays I have)
My mum and my sister rather look on clothes and women stuffs and I actually don't mind to walk with them, just I hate to wait them and look on things which you are not your kinds.
Can't understand?
For example, you and your girlfriend (it's easier to say in this way in guy side) are shopping and she drops by in the lingerie department and you HAVE to accompany her. Get the feeling? >< One reason because I don't want get a girl now. So, mostly I'll drag my father with me to see other things at different departments. He also don't have the patience and mood like me for the same reason. On the other hand, sometimes I don't like my father when he starts to drag me to his favorite stuffs. Shoes. He like (+ love) shoes. He got 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. Remind you. He rarely use them. They are more likely in their boxes than face the outside world.

During every shopping time, he will ask me to see the shoes he loves. Sport shoes and sneakers. Since 15 Y.O., I stopped buying sport shoes and sneakers because I find them uncomfortable to wear and require troublesome cleaning process. I prefer sandals. Unbranded.

Mostly, I purchase them in pasar malam (night market). I like them because my feet won't get the foot odour (aka stinky smell), my feet will be fresh all the time and sandals require simple cleaning.

This time, my father really forcing me to get a nice sport shoes because he always grumble me wearing the same sandals to everywhere. He said it's unpleasant to see that I do so. When I use my sneakers that I've been using to go to university, he said it's too old.

I get his intention.

"Get a new shoe".

You can see me that I hardly buy apparels for fashion style and sense. All I want is just simplicity and comfortable. So, to stop him from nagging, I choose one and the price ain't cheap.
Introducing, Nike+ Air Citius 2+ MSL.
My foot size is at least 9 with UK measurement. Consider big feet.RM 259 plus 10% discount. This is the second expensive shoe I had after my black leather shoe from Larrie which was around the same price. "Considered design" of course. :P

First, it has an important feature that I want in present plus the future.
What does it stands for?
In every pairs of Nike shoes, if they are with the trademark, it means you can insert a special sport kit called Nike+ sensor.This small kit is inserted into one of your shoe beneath the foot padding. I wonder the kit will get smelly if I use it frequently. Maybe my shoe spray can help (or spoil the device XO).
It serves as a small accelerometer which connect to a receiver device either iPod Nano, iPod Touch or the newest iPod 3GS with the help from iTunes for data synchonization.
If not, Nike has another device call Nike+ Sportband which like a USB drive to become the receiver.
In each movements, the device will record the elapsed time of the workout, the distance traveled, pace, or calories burned by the individual wearing the shoes, and display it on the screen of Nike+ Sportband or broadcast it through the headphones of an iPod.
You can record your performance in your iPod, iPhone and PC and organize them under
Not only you can arrange your performance, you can have a virtual trainer who can motivate and train you during exercise and beat up with other members with your performance through given challenges. Make friends while achieve better performance with competition. Best of all, these services are free. No joke! Free of charge :D

I'm a techy guy and I love this great feature.
Another reason to purchase more tech stuffs especially the iPhone 3GS which I dreamed since it was announced. Anyone who is kind-hearted, you can sponsor me for that or just an iPod nano will do. :P.

I planned to get the Nike+ sensor and wristband because I'm not really a fan of iPods. Haven't get to know the price yet but I will.

Second, this shoe is the Air shoe series of Nike which means the shoe is light. It's helping wearer to feel less weight on their feet while doing exercise.
They are brilliant to build the shoe with soft and lesser materials so that the air can go in and out of the shoe. Just a few walks, I feel my feet is not sweating at all.
Plus, I feel a bit taller. Thanks to this shoe by its light, thick rubber baseThirdly, I just found out the real meaning of "Considered Design".This label has three main objectives: Performance, Innovation and Sustainability.

They created a range of products which carry this label has four advantages. These advantages are waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials, solvent used and sustainable innovation. By using less material, the product will contain lesser waste which serves on my shoe series: Air. The materials used are fully recyclable and not harmful to the environment. Harmful solvents such as VOC is eliminated in the product. Lastly, the product will be lost lasting and resist wear and tear.
I'm very conscious about environment since I was small and by buying this shoe, it means I have taken one step further to save the mother nature and I will keep doing it! :)Even though I'm not using for workout, I will use it when I go out for shopping or vacation and monitor my walk and burned calories. Another great idea, huh? :D

There is another reason which I cannot run away.
I can't give excuses to avoid cardio workouts such as jogging and cycling. X(

A bientot!

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