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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy me!

It's been a long time I've dreamed to become 21.
21 to be freedom,
21 to be mature,
and 21 to be adult.

Most of my friends are 20 and 21. For those who are 21, they didn't realize that I'm still far ahead for my birthday. Since I was small, I hate my birthday because it bumped to important dates:- Exams back in schooling period. You know (for Malaysians), we had our exams during October and November because the holidays will be started around mid or end of November.

During my primary school (7-12 age), it's okay when my birthday can be celebrated on that day. My birthday starts to be different when I took my PMR (15 Y.O. Exam qualification in Malaysia), SPM (O-level equivalent) and STPM (A-level equivalent). My birthdate falls on these exam period for sure! You see, can't celebrate because you're revising your notes and ruin your mood on your birthday.
Therefore, one part of my reason which I hate test is I couldn't celebrate my birthday in peace! Argh!!!

*cool down*
*taking a few breath*

Anyway, when I end my schooling period, it's kinda happy that I can celebrate my birthday without hassle (I don't know what word instead of 'hassle' here, maybe disturbance :P). But still missing something...

I can't celebrate my birthday with my friends...
Now should I blame my birthdate? X(

It's my fate to have my birthday on 18 November. I don't hate it at all because I kinda like my birthday. My I.C. card look nice because of my number:-

See? For everyone who is from Asia (or Asia descendants), the number '8' is a good number which sounds Fatt, 新 (in Chinese word means "Fortune") and the number '1' sounds like Yat means everytime/everyday. Therefore, by reading my birthdate, it consider as everyday with fortune. People like my teacher and friends said I'll be very lucky with the number.


I don't see any fortune. (the definition of fortune here is money la... :P)
Despite of thinking that definition, I change it by thinking what I had in my life.
Good parents.
Good family members.
Good friends in my life.
Good environment for me to grow well.
They all are my fortune.

Talking about how I celebrated my birthday for 21? Actually, I did celebrate my 21 Y.O. ...
Last year March 2008.
He he he...
I'm doing early because I hardly have friends to celebrate my anniversary because I expected that they are going to study aboard in university after May 2008 and so on. This year, the day will be as usual, the celebrate is merely 5 person maximum and no big dinner. There's a small dinner and will report about it soon in my How's My Taste?.

Done talking. Let's the pictures continue my task.
My cake! :P"Happy Birthday, Jee Lip. From Kent & Sis..."I like this cake because...It has juicy cherries...Bits of chocolate chips and little ornaments...and not forgetting the nice fattening cream from Secret Recipe! :)My sister, mother, father, me and sister's boyfriend, Kent. Thank you guys for the celebration!
Love you all...

A bientot!

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