How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miss Kampar...

Indeed, I'm missing Kampar now...
Although I'm having long holiday back at my hometown, my heart is thinking about Kampar.
First, the environment is just like my home with mountains and its breeze.
The sunlight is very inviting everyday......despite the global warming, the sunlight is rather scorching! :X
See the sun rays? Nice but very hot!!!
Talking about the heat, I miss my daily exercise:- Cycling. It's the only way that I can going to school and other places such as Tesco. I hope I can drive my car Year 3 because of semester project. Actually, I'm desperate to have a motorcycle or car with me at Kampar. The main purpose to have a vehicle is that I can go back to my home, Ipoh easily every Friday without waiting night buses which is quite creepy... :S
She's trying to drift... He he he!
That's my block of apartment. Quite new. For those who want to study at UTAR Kampar, there are a few apartments which are vacant. The rental fee should be around RM 300 - 500 per unit depends who are you dealing with such as house owner and housing agentThis is the kind of weather which I don't like. Probably occuring this few days.Thirdly, I missed my lecture class, tutorial class, lab sessions UTAR campus... I miss my lecturers too and maybe I might not gonna see them because some of them won't teach me anymore. Sigh, really miss them...
Buzzing around the blocks like ants...
Not forgetting my friends from different regions...
This is a small lecture class. The front guy is my previous Functional Biology subject, Mr. Chin. He's still around but he's very cool. Sometimes, he dress formal but very casual like teenager occationally. Don't look down on him because his jean has steel chains... Cool man ;)
He he he... Miss Jensen with his funny acts!

Group of friends like Ke Xin, Chea Lin, Siok San, Chow Yiing, Jiun Yong, Wei Soon (clockwise; they are having presentation by the way) and other close and far friends back in UTAR Kampar.

Just sharing random shots in my Kampar life...
Many people said Kampar is very boring. Yep, it's boring but with friends, you won't feel boredom, instead Kampar have a lot of place to visit.

Taking an opportunity, I would like to give condolences to three unlucky UTAR students who are drowned at Batu Berangkai waterfall at Kampar:- Yew Ghim Chnieh, James Wan Kai Khor and Yew Shy Gin. Although I don't know them, I wish they can rest in peace.
A bientot!

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