How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You've heard it...
What am I busying off?
  1. Downloading movies, dramas and so on. Kinda like stocking up piles of media in my notebook and DVDs before I end my holidays.
  2. Doing housechores and gonna have a spring cleaning. My mum is told me that I need to help with Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning.
  3. Following my mummy everyday. I become her driver to fetch her around Ipoh and my hometown. Just for today, I'm at Ipoh almost for half day in order to accompany my granny for blood test and fetching up my uncle from hospital and my cousin brother from school.
  4. Preparing computer classes. Currently, I'm going to teach an adult and two kids on computer stuff since I built a new desktop PC for them and quite an earning from there.
  5. 100% fulltime Facebooker. You will see me 24/7 online on Facebook but I'm actually away... :P
  6. Prep my upcoming January semester stuffs. You know, annual stationery shoppings and book search. Kinda frustrating on the next semester courses. Really WTH on those subjects but hopefully I can accept them in my life. I love you, you love me, right? :D
There's a list. Emm, I think I forgot something...

I've been on my bed and face myself on computer and TV all day long since my holidays :P. Minus the beer.(I'm not an alcohol lover)

Quite a long time, I fond this song, Pasion by Sarah Brightman and Fernando Lima. It's a Spanish song and 5 star classical crossover genre song for me this year. This clip is from a live stage at Vienna.

P.S.: I wonder that why am I losing some weight during holiday. :P

A bientot.

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