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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kite Flying

*P.S.: Hardly can update my blog lately due to lack of time to blog... So, patience my blog visitors. I will try my best to post something up here!

Recently, I found a hobby which is quite interesting and it's getting hip on my residential area back to Ipoh.
Almost everyday, the evening bring us some strong wind and the sun is shaded with puffs of heavy clouds is a good sign to fly a kite.
So, guess which one is mine? (Actually my mum lend hers to me...)
This one, my dear...

Have a closer look...Opera face... Mine is the most unique kite comparing with others.
(1) This kite is bought from Shanghai, China
(2) Considering this kind of shape, mine is the largest.
(3) Only mine has the "Opera mask" pattern. Others are like strips of colours and hurdling bats.See how far my kite goes...
My camera doesn't have problem. It's damn high until the kite is equvialent to a dot. Some of the kites are much higher than me ! Wondering how long their string is because on the previous picture, I ran out of string. So, imagine that!
Soaring up the dark blue sky...
I bring along of my juniors with me so that they can have a fun time.
Yay! The kite is up up the way (like Superman)!

Controlling a kite is an easy job as long as you know the wind flow and its strength. You can't keep unrolling your string beacuse the kite will lose the pressure against the wind. At the same time, you must unroll your string so that your kite will fly higher without straining itself on the same height. So, as a tip, unroll for a second and stop it. Then, tuck your string for a while and unroll your string again. You will fly your kite in no time.

At Kampar, the wind is damn strong every evening and I've bought another kite. Sadly to say, I'm kinda busy and tired after classes... So, wish me that I've some time and energy to do so in Kampar...


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